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* Impress OpenDocument load/save performance [[Impress/Performance#OpenDocument]]
* Impress OpenDocument load/save performance [[Impress/Performance#OpenDocument]]
* Impress slideshow performance [[Impress/Performance#Slideshow]]
* Impress slideshow performance [[Impress/Performance#Slideshow]]
=== Base ===
* [http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Base/Performance General performance planning]
* [http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Base/Performance#Row_Fetching Row fetching performance]
=== Load/Save General (Non Application Specific Tasks) ===
=== Load/Save General (Non Application Specific Tasks) ===

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The performance project

This wiki page is the collaboration entry point for the OOo Performance project.

For questions and discussions, please use the new mailing list from the performance project: dev@performance.openoffice.org

When you plan to file an issue with regard to performance, please make sure to add the keyword performance

The official (incubator) project was started February 2009, but there have already been a lot of activities in this area in the past, so some of the information here (especially on the linked wiki pages) might be outdated.

This page will be cleaned up soon.


Probably a lot - please continue here.

Work in progress



  • What's going on in Writer load/save performance see here




Load/Save General (Non Application Specific Tasks)

User Experience Index (UEI)

UEI and Case Documents

Helpful Tooling and Resources

Test Environment

Popular reference configuration(use similar env on Hamburg and Beijing)

CPU:    Core2 Duo 1.5~2G
Memory: 512M
OS:     WindowsXP HOME

Test & Tuning Tools

Benchmarks & Description

If you have some benchmarks, share them here!

Performance Test Results Distribution

Test results for different versions

Integrated improvements

Other Pages

This Wiki page should become the ultimate authority on performance issues. Meanwhile, here are links to performance informationat other places

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