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What is it for

Automated Profiling & Performance Regression (APPR) is a toolset for accelerating and automating performance profiling of OpenOffice, which intends to address following targets:

  • Gather & correlate measurable data of interest
  • Measure & track metrics across builds & workload variation
  • Add new metrics as appropriate to work focus

A presentation about APPR on OOCon 2005 made by Dhananjay Keskar and Michael Leibowitz can be found here.


APPR provides following features for performance profiling of OpenOffice:

  • Automation of OpenOffice usages
    • Startup
    • LoadFile
    • PlaySlides
  • Integration of 3rd-party performance profling utilities
  • Data corelation and visualization
  • Extensable framework to add support for new usages and/or 3rd-party utilities

How to use it

Detailed information about how to use APPR can be found in user guide document (./docs/APPR-User-Guide.odt) in the tarball.

Please follow this guide to enable APPR with Apache OpenOffice 3.4 on Ubuntu 11.04. Thanks!


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