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Get VerySleepy 0.4 (GPLed) here: [1]

When You downloaded it, just install it on the Windows machine.

VerySleepy works simply by starting it; it will open a dialog and ask for which process to connect. Use soffice.bin as usually. It will open a small dialog on which You can tell it to stop measuring. When You stop measuring, it will collect symbol data from the loaded dll's (so You know how to add source code and symbol information for the parts You need) and popup a window with all the needed data. The main function here is to sort the columns.


- You can attach VerySleepy to a office already running in the debugger

- You may exactly measure times between to Breakpoints: Set the breakpoints for the part You want to measure in Your debugger, run to the first one. Start VerySleepy and attach to soffice.bin. Go back to debugger and run (F5 in devenv). After reacing Your 2nd breakpoint, tell VerySleepy to stop measuring, and voila, You get exactly the data for the executed code.

My thanks for this tool go to Ono-Sendai and Kirill Müller (basic Sleepy version) and to for brewing VerySleepy from it.

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