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Mission Statement

Provide an extension to import PDF documents with OpenOffice.org


  1. Thorsten Behrens, thb AT openoffice DOT org
  2. akhva AT openoffice DOT org
  3. hi AT openoffice DOT org
  4. Matthias Müller-Prove as user experience engineer


User Interface

Import Chooser

Whenever a PDF is selected in the Open dialog and the PDF is not a Hyprid PDF then the user has to choose in which application (Writer, Impress, Draw) the PDF shall be imported. This is done by a subsequent dialog that shows up after the Open dialog has been dismissed.

Dialog Title
PDF Import Options
"Import PDF As" is a combo control to choose between "Text Document", "Presentation" and "Drawing".
A static text field that explains the pros&cons of the currently selected option.
  • Help, Import, Cancel
PDF Import Options (mockup Mmp,18:40, 28 November 2007 (CET)
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