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Guys, this is all great and stuff, but i'm baffled to see that you don't seem to understand the most useful usage scenario for this extension *for the typical OpenOffice business user perspective*: in my opinion, the most useful feature of this extension, especially in the business sector, is the 'hybrid PDF export/import' feature, because what this allows me to do is to HAVE JUST ONE FILE that i can both send to my customers (a PDF reader is basically guaranteed on any business system for many years now), and that i can also edit (in OOo). Moreover, anyone really wanting to edit the file and not just view it can do that by downloading OOo.

Now, in this scenario there's one MAJOR usability problem with the extension: i cannot just open a hybrid PDF file in OOo, edit it, and simply click the "SAVE" button: i have to go to 'export' and, to make things worse, I HAVE TO EXPORT THE JUST-EDITED FILE WITH A NEW NAME because if i try to overwrite the existing PDF it will complain that it's in use (obviously).

So, to rise: please, make the 'save' button to really save (i.e. OVERWRITE) a hybrid PDF file opened in OOo, or if this would mean too much intrusion in the OOo inner workings, please just add a "SAVE Hybrid PDF" BUTTON ON THE STANDARD TOOLBAR which WILL allow overwriting the opened PDF file (i.e. it should work just as the normal save button when editing a native .odt file). You guys have put together a POTENTIALLY GREAT feature in terms of business-level usability and interoperability with this extension, but you've stopped short from making it actually usable. Please fix this, just place a 'Save hybrid PDF" button that will work EXACTLY as the normal 'save' button, i.e. allowing overwriting the opened HybridPDF file (note: when pressing this button no pop-up settings window should appear, just use the settings as programmed via the 'export as PDF' menu).

PS I've been asking for this feature for years (and it was not only me) see , and now you're really close to building something of a REAL TRANSITION TOOL that OOo can benefit from IMMENSELY, but please, please, do it RIGHT!

--Gyll 13:24, 9 November 2008 (CET)

Yes it would be nice to have these features for saving... more user friendly.

-- monkeybrush 21:17, 15 May 2009

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