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The PDF Import extension allows you to import and modify PDF documents in OpenOffice.org Draw and export it to the Open Document Format (ODF). We keep the layout of imported PDF document as close as possible to the original document. This version supports PDF documents up to version 1.4. You can install this extension via the extension manager in the tools menu of OpenOffice.org. You need at least OpenOffice.org 3.0 beta or later to install this extension.

You will find the extension at the OpenOffice.org extension repository [1].

Please note that this is a beta version. While fully functional, some special features that still need to be worked on:

  • Processing layout of LaTeX PDF
  • Import of complex vector graphics elements
  • Processing of tables
  • Processing of transform matrix for JPG
  • Import of ESP graphics
  • RTL text/font support
  • Import of encrypted PDF documents

At the moment, we are planing no further development activity, but we will provide support for active contributors. You can add comments or drop a note on the mailing lists, preferably to dev@graphics.openoffice.org.

Proposal for a 1.0 release

proposal for an announcement for a 1.0 release.


  1. Thorsten Behrens, thb AT openoffice DOT org
  2. Sven Jacobi, sj AT openoffice DOT org
  3. Philipp Lohmann, pl AT openoffice DOT org
  4. hi AT openoffice DOT org



The PDF Import Extension in its progressing stages is available from the OpenOffice.org Extension Repository.

The latest available version is 0.4

Release History

   * 2009-05-01: 0.4: created documents containing shapes now get style assigned (91980), outlined text fill with back (92912)
   * 2008-09-17: 0.3.2: hybrid PDF import is working again with OOo 3.0 release (93607)
   * 2008-07-11: 0.3.1: added extensions properties for better information in Extension Manager UI in OOo 3.0.
   * 2008-06-11: 0.3: initial release of PDF Import Extension.


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