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mmp.jpg User Experience Engineer and Interaction Designer

Ex-Co-Lead of (January - December 2007)

mail: mmp AT
web :


Hi, I will move on to work for a different product at Sun. Therefore it does not make sense to continue to be a co-lead for the User Experience Project any longer. It was a fun ride. cheers, Matthias



I would like to introduce myself. Long overdue. But here we go.

Matthias Müller-Prove, Diplom (MSc) in Computer Science at U of Hamburg with special focus on human-computer interaction and the history of hypertext and graphical user interfaces.

Before Sun I worked for Adobe Systems as User Interface Manager (among other job titles) on the web editor Adobe GoLive (fka Cyberstudio).

Then I joined Sun Microsystems - 5 years ago - to work as Product Manager and User Experience Engineer. Those were the days of 1.1. Remember?

I am glad that we finally opened this discuss channel for issues affecting the user experience of OOo. Lot's of stuff has happened over the past years -- but it was very very scattered among issues and specifications.

As co-lead of the project, my goal is to inspire an active community of usability and design professionals to improve the user experience of OOo.

cheers from Hamburg, Matthias

Past Areas of Involvement

I annouce my specs at

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