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OOo Extensions project

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Extensions on the main site

Extensions in other languages:
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Documentation note.png Not all translated pages may be up to date - Main language remains English

Apache OpenOffice Extensions

OpenOffice makes it possible to develop independent 3rd-party extensions. The categories of extensions range from Basic libraries, packages with Java/JavaScript or Python macros to more sophisticated extensions in the form of UNO components implemented in Java, C++ or Python. Even the last category of extensions subdivides into general UNO components providing new implementations for existing functional areas, or specialized components like Calc Add-Ins, Add-Ons, DataPilots, Chart Add-Ins, or linguistic components (e.g. Spellchecker, Hyphenator or Thesaurus).

The Extensions project provides

You can join us at

  • API mailing list for building the extensions ecosystem. Send an email to api-subscribe@openoffice.apache.org to subscribe to the list.

Translating these pages

The Extension project has to be strongly bound to Native-Lang communities to relay any local third party development. So we warmly welcome people interested in providing translations for the Add-ons and also for the documentation and pages of this site.

The naming convention proposed is to

  • Create a new page taking the English page and add your language code as suffix (eg. Extensions_repository_fr)
  • Put a link to this translated page at the top of the English page, with the language code
  • Be aware that if you start a translation, it would be good to monitor it so that it remains as much in sync as possible

Some extension categories

  • Calc Add-Ins provide new Calc built in functions which can be directly used over the normal function dialog in the Calc application.
  • Add-ons describe components providing some new functionality and normally coming with an UI integration (e.g. new menu entries or complete new menus, new toolbars).
  • DataPilots provide a new kind of data pilot which can be used directly over the DataPilot dialog in the Calc application.
  • Chart Add-Ins provide a new chart type
  • Linguistic components provide new implementations of known interfaces which can be used directly over the normal UI.
  • Starting with OpenOffice.org 2.0.4 we have support for non-code extensions (e.g. templates, autotexts)

Extensions from External Sources

The flexible AOO Extensions concept allows you to use Extensions from external sources. Similar to the Extensions from the AOO extensions repository, the code is not under control of Apache OpenOffice. So you use those extensions on your own risk. Known external sources are


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