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This is Chapter 8 of the 3 Calc Guide, produced by the ODFAuthors group. A PDF of this chapter is available from this wiki page.

The chapter is adapted from a German original written by Stefan Weigel and translated into English by Sigrid Kronenberger.


Many requests for software support are caused by complicated formulas and solutions to simple day to day procedures. For more efficient and effective solutions, use the DataPilot, a tool for combining, comparing, and analyzing large amounts of data easily. By using the DataPilot, you can view different summaries of the source data, display the details of areas of interest, and create reports, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate or advanced user.

This chapter is divided into two sections:

  • Examples with step by step descriptions uses three typical cases to demonstrate the advantages and applications of the DataPilot. You can follow these examples and learn by doing how easy it is to use the DataPilot.
  • DataPilot functions in detail describes the DataPilot in detail. You can use this part for looking up how a function is used.

Examples with step by step descriptions

This section demonstrates some of the possibilities of the DataPilot in some typical use cases. By following the step by step description, you should be able to recreate the examples yourself and learn about the power of the DataPilot.

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