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Returns a specified quartile in a list of numbers.


QUARTILE(numberlist; q)

QUARTILE returns the value below which q quarters of the numbers in numberlist lie. q may be 0 (to return the minimum value), 1 (to return the value below which a quarter of values lie), 2 (to return the median value), 3 (to return the value below which three quarters of values lie) or 4 (to return the maximum value). numberlist is a range or array of numbers, not necessarily in order.
QUARTILE calculates a return value in the same way as PERCENTILE



where cells A2:A99 contain scores from a test, returns the score below which 75% of the scores lie.

The next two examples illustrate the calculation, but are not intended to show practical application:

QUARTILE({3; 4; 9; 11; 12}; 2)

returns 9, the median value of the list.

QUARTILE({9; 3; 7; 8}; 1)

returns 6. The calculation is the same as for PERCENTILE({9; 3; 7; 8}; 0.25).

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