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The writer controller implementation supports the interface com.sun.star.view.XSelectionSupplier that returns the object that is currently selected in the user interface.

Its method getSelection() returns an any that may contain the following object depending on the selection:

Selection Returned Object
Text com.sun.star.container.XIndexAccess containing one or more com.sun.star.uno.XInterface pointing to a text range.
Selection of table cells com.sun.star.uno.XInterface pointing to a table cursor.
Text frame com.sun.star.uno.XInterface pointing to a text frame.
Graphic object com.sun.star.uno.XInterface pointing to a graphic object.
OLE object com.sun.star.uno.XInterface pointing to an OLE object.
Shape, Form control com.sun.star.uno.XInterface pointing to a com.sun.star.drawing.ShapeCollection containing one or more shapes.

provides access to the controller of form controls.
provides access to the cursor of the view.
provides access to rubies contained in the selection. This interface is necessary for Asian language support.
provides access to the settings of the view as described in the service com.sun.star.text.ViewSettings.
Properties of com.sun.star.text.ViewSettings
ShowAnnotations boolean - If true, annotations (notes) are visible.
ShowBreaks boolean - If true, paragraph line breaks are visible.
ShowDrawings boolean - If true, shapes are visible.
ShowFieldCommands boolean - If true, text fields are shown with their commands, otherwise the content is visible.
ShowFootnoteBackground boolean - If true, footnotes symbols are displayed with gray background.
ShowGraphics boolean - If true, graphic objects are visible.
ShowHiddenParagraphs boolean - If true, hidden paragraphs are displayed.
ShowHiddenText boolean - If true, hidden text is displayed.
ShowHoriRuler boolean - If true, the horizontal ruler is displayed.
ShowHoriScrollBar boolean - If true, the horizontal scroll bar is displayed.
ShowIndexMarkBackground boolean - If true , index marks are displayed with gray background.
ShowParaBreaks boolean - If true , paragraph breaks are visible.
ShowProtectedSpaces boolean - If true, protected spaces (hard spaces) are displayed with gray background.
ShowSoftHyphens boolean - If true, soft hyphens are displayed with gray background.
ShowSpaces boolean - If true, spaces are displayed with dots.
ShowTableBoundaries boolean - If true, table boundaries are displayed.
ShowTables boolean - If true, tables are visible.
ShowTabstops boolean - If true, tab stops are visible.
ShowTextBoundaries boolean - If true, text boundaries are displayed.
ShowTextFieldBackground boolean - If true, text fields are displayed with gray background.
ShowVertRuler boolean - If true, the vertical ruler is displayed.
ShowVertScrollBar boolean - If true, the vertical scroll bar is displayed.
SmoothScrolling boolean - If true, smooth scrolling is active.
SolidMarkHandles boolean - If true, handles of drawing objects are visible.
ZoomType short - defines the zoom type for the document as defined in com.sun.star.view.DocumentZoomType
ZoomValue short - defines the zoom value to use, the value is given as percentage. Valid only if the property ZoomType is set to BY_VALUE.

In StarOffice 6.0 and OpenOffice.org 1.0 you can only influence the zoom factor by setting the ZoomType to BY_VALUE and adjusting ZoomValue explicitly. The other zoom types have no effect.

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