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  • UNO Language Bindings

This chapter documents the mapping of UNO to various programming languages or component models. This language binding is sometimes called a UNO Runtime Environment (URE). Each URE needs to fulfill the specifications given in the earlier chapters. The use of UNO services and interfaces are also explained in this chapter. Refer to Writing UNO Components for information about the implementation of UNO objects.

Each section provides detail information for the following topics:

  • Mapping of all UNO types to the programming language types.
  • Mapping of the UNO exception handling to the programming language.
  • Mapping of the fundamental object features (querying interfaces, object lifetime, object identity).
  • Bootstrapping of a service manager.Other programming language specific material (like core libraries in C++ UNO).

Java, C++, Apache OpenOffice Basic, and all languages supporting MS OLE automation or the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) on the win32 platform are currently supported. In the future, the number of supported language bindings may be extended.

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