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How about type providers for Java Archive files, .NET assemblies?

That way, we can hold types the way that best fits, i.e. the target language of the component (→ no need to deploy both rdb and jar anymore). And this embraces the "*makers read from type manager/type providers" feature (→ I can generate types for lang A out of types from lang B without an intermediate format).

This is basically what I meant with "alien type support" ~~kr

The Clear Separation between C and C++ and Core Components ideas sound nice. During the mono-port of cliuno (mostly port from Managed C++ to C#) (not quite complete yet, sorry) I had to make C wrappers for cppuhelper bootstrap stuff (so that I could P/Invoke them). IIRC there was also a part where I wished I had a C API for the shlib loader, can't remember the details, though.

Martin, would you be interested in helping with this? Kr 09:07, 4 July 2006 (CEST)
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