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My 2 cents on the imprtance of setting our goals:

From my personal experience this type of expo event is successfull by having a single, highly focused (primal) goal.

This is referring to the event as seen from the perspective of each participant., by vestige of in booth personnel, being one participant. ODF by the same is another. (I suppose ODFAlliance to be precise here)

So, as we enumerate possible goals it needs to remain clear that we are looking for 2 mutually reienforcing, overaching goals - These goals will be most important as we then look at what exactly we will fill the space and time with....Drew


What would be a good percentage of CDs? They had 20,000 last year, what is the projected attendance for this year?

@Andy I think that we are looking at hundreds not thousands.
Sounds good to me. Just need to know how many.

What are you thinking of:

iso image for all OS?

User Guides?

Extensions / Templates?

I was thinking of Windows and Mac mainly, for the OS as that will fit a CD. Though a few DVDs with the all OSs would be nice as well.

I hope to have the users guides and start burning the disk by the 1st of March. If we only need 2 or 3 hundred I could wait a little longer for the guides.

I will have to see what comes with each ISO and work from them. Most of the time the ISOs come with some extensions / templates.


Banner :

6 ft, reusable, printed professionally and appropriate for re-use at other OO.o events in the region?

Print it right there?

Making the flyers more functional

I would love to see the flyers become more functional than pure infomative. The inclusion of tips and even thiking on building a tip repo could be a great pointer to drive traffic to the website and also gain more than just the software but documentation and others. --JZA 02:54, 26 February 2010 (UTC)

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