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Would it be possible to modify the tinderbox to just accept the build-status & logs that are generated by "build --all --html" (has per-module logs, etc. the script would only have to zip all the logs from the output-dirs)

Yes, sure, but you can also provide a short script that collects the build scripts and cats them together.

  • OK, but this looses the nifty statistics, but I think just catting all the logs is easier for now... Cloph

And a (prominent) link to the actual tinerbox would be nice too :-) Cloph

Indeed, any ideas where? vq

  • I primary meant this wiki-page (but it is OK now with the added "Our <link>tinderbox</link> [...] " - before that one had to try one of the "here" links... But indeed it could be made more prominent on other pages. There is a link on already that needs an update anyway. (points to Cloph

What about support for shadow-trees?

Would it be possible to enhance the scripts so they work with a shadow-tree of an already present checkout?

Have the master (e.g. SRC680_m148) as normal checkout, then make shadowtree, build the master. After that, clean-up, make another shadowtree, update that tree to a given cws, build the cws, after that clean up... Cloph

How about an extra
switch for Like this:
tinget cl27 my_cl27.log /my/current/ws up --shadow /my/SRC680_m150/checkout

Description for this switch:

--shadow shadowpath - Use the shadowpath directory as a source for the
                      MWS instead if using cvs operations.
                      On *NIX use lndir to link the master directories
                      into the src_path, on Windows use cp instead.

The risk with this approach is that the shadowed directory might not be the right MWS for the CWS. vq

  • since the shadow-tree is the copy and not the source usually, this is somewhat confusing (at least on fist look, until you get used to it), so I'd prefer
--shadow-of sourcepath - Use the <sourcepath> directory as source for the
                         MWS instead of using cvs to checkout a fresh copy.
                         on *NIX, use lndir to create a shadowtree made of
                         symlinks, on Windows use cp instead.
                         The parameter src_path specifies the destination 
                         directory in this case.

It is a risk that the source for the shadow might not be the right MWS, but this is the case as well when you specify "cont", isn't it. Maybe the script could check whether config_office/CVS/Tag contains the correct tag and abort otherwise (if someone wants to continue anyway, have them edit the script to disable the check)? Cloph

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