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Collecting things that could be improved....


Tinderbox should not use "local" time by default to display the results, but UTC instead. People are more familiar with mapping their local time to UTC than to mess with another "local" time..

Indication whether the buildstatus is still valid

Currently, there is no automated way to check whether the result of a build still is valid. There could have been changes to the cws in the meantime (less likely for the milestones, but very likely if you build the cwsses). Even a ready-for-qa cws can be set to new again and have some files changed in the meantime. So it would be great if tinderbox would be able to automatically

  • notify the tinder-admin of the buildhost (via e-mail)
  • highlight the status-column accordingly - either with a questionmark or using some color
  • optionally provide a different tag-list with the additional info "unchanged since last build"
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