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With respect to Cases:

    • The Notes are spread across several printed pages until all Notes have been printed.
    • Add the information on the current Note page number (refer to "design decisions").
    • Each Notes page will contain the current scaled down Writer page.
    • For all Notes pages of the current Writer page: If there are remaining Notes on the next pages, then add a placeholder at the bottom of the Notes Side Pane (similar to the scroll buttons). Draw all Notes Connector Lines of the remaining Notes to the place holder.

A better idea would be to space out the paragraphs and lines in the main text to which the Notes refer, and spread a single document page over several pages of document + Notes. Or reproportion the origanal text and Notes: text would be narrower and Notes wider, so that the depth of text and Notes tracks. Or, offer the user the alternative of printing the Notes in-line, that is, embedded in the text with some kind of visual demarcation.

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