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Meeting Details

  • 2010-04-12, 4:00 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

  • Elizabeth Matthis (IRC: lizm)
  • Christoph Lukasiak (IRC: clu_sun)
  • Dave Richard (IRC: dave_largo)
  • Andreas Bartel (IRC: Andreas_Sun)


  • Round Table

Action Items

Comments on Action Items

Round Table

  • see IRC log


[16:00] andreas_sun_ux: hi liz
[16:01] clu_sun hat den Chatroom betreten.
[16:01] andreas_sun_ux: hi chris
[16:02] clu_sun: moin
[16:03] lizm: howdy
[16:04] andreas_sun_ux: not much going on here today? however, let's start
[16:04] andreas_sun_ux: last week, we had the march status presentation
[16:04] andreas_sun_ux: slides will be available on the wiki by the end this week
[16:05] andreas_sun_ux: I'd like to include some screenshots, at least, so I am waiting for a proper build
[16:06] andreas_sun_ux: I am also preparing a wiki page to collect some inspirational screenshots for object handles
[16:06] andreas_sun_ux: when done, I'll announce it on discuss@ux
[16:07] andreas_sun_ux: so, that is it from me today
[16:07] lizm: OK, great to hear about the status presentation available next week. I'll be glad to blog about it then.
[16:08] andreas_sun_ux: as soon as it's ready, you can annouce it via a blog post etc.
[16:08] lizm: Clu_sun and I have been busy getting the word out about the new subproject "Better Defaults"
[16:09] lizm: I announced it on the ux-discuss list, we set up the wiki and then blogged about it. There have been 974 visits to the wiki page
[16:10] lizm: 100+ additional ones since I wrote on Facebook this morning, so the interest is still rising.
[16:11] andreas_sun_ux: nice
[16:11] lizm: My idea is to ask again for help with the IssueTracker issues next. Clu/Chris got a query result of ca 1000 issues that could be for default settings, so I wanted to post that and blog about it perhaps. Either way, get input
[16:12] andreas_sun_ux: you might also ask on other lists
[16:12] lizm: from the community and have people put any of the issues on the wiki page in the table with the other suggestions as they come in.
[16:12] lizm: Yes, that is a good idea. Other lists, like users and general discuss, right? Dev, too? Or hmmm. not sure.
[16:12] andreas_sun_ux: sure
[16:13] andreas_sun_ux: why not, when we ask, we can do it as broad as possible because this issue strongly depends on the way people use impress and other apps
[16:13] andreas_sun_ux: I hope that by the end of april some usage patterns emerge
[16:14] andreas_sun_ux: otherwise it will be hard to decide what's the most appropriate setting
[16:16] lizm: The end of April deadline for default setting change suggestions is for Impress, so those will then have to be evaluated by the iTeam after that. Then at some time in the future the other apps will have their turn.
[16:17] andreas_sun_ux: I hope so, at least
[16:18] lizm: I added a comment to my blog post as follows:
[16:18] lizm: When I wrote "The developer should only have to flip a switch" I did not mean to belittle the work of developers in any way and of course the developer is the one who decides in the end if the suggestions made are "low-hanging fruits". So please be aware, that non-developer-Liz agrees that only those who are code-literate will really know what is easy to implement and what not.
[16:18] lizm: My hope is that lots of suggestions will come in for default settings that users want to improve their OOo software experience. Sorting the fruit in the grocery cart will be done by the fruit experts. And don't look at me---I can't code anything but HTML (and you probably don't want to look at it!
[16:19] lizm: That was in response to a message I got. At any rate, I am pleased that so many people have been on the wiki page and that many of them have added their 2c.
[16:20] lizm: So we'll see what there is by the end of April and let the iTeam take it from there.
[16:20] andreas_sun_ux: i was just wondering if we have an Impress user group mailing list what so ever thing?
[16:20] lizm: I'll find it if there is one. 
[16:21] andreas_sun_ux: I've been talking to some sales people here in HH last week, and they really do know the pros and cons of Impress. Very nice feedback!
[16:21] andreas_sun_ux: obviously, they have very different usage patterns when compared to our personal here in HH
[16:22] andreas_sun_ux: I suggested to Chris to talk to them to about good defaults
[16:23] clu_sun: yo
[16:23] lizm: Good idea to talk to sales. They make lots of presentations. Oh that reminds me I hope everyone who reads this IRC log will tell all their friends to get involved in the better defaults collection. So, that's all I have to report today.
[16:23] andreas_sun_ux: dito. I am done, too.
[16:24] clu_sun: p.s. the link:
[16:24] andreas_sun_ux: right
[16:24] andreas_sun_ux: ok then, talk to you next week.
[16:27] clu_sun hat den Chatroom verlassen. (Quit: Leaving)
[16:27] lizm: see ya
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