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Meeting Details

  • 2010-03-22, 4:00 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

  • Christoph Noack (IRC: christoph_n)
  • Christoph Lukasiak (IRC: clu_sun)
  • Dave Richard (IRC: dave_largo)
  • Andreas Bartel (IRC: Andreas_Sun)


  • Round Table

Action Items

Comments on Action Items

Round Table

  • see IRC log


Andreas_Sun_UX: hi christoph
[16:01] christoph_n: Hi everyone!
[16:01] christoph_n: Hey MMP 
[16:02] christoph_n: Did you already start?
[16:02] Andreas_Sun_UX: not really
[16:02] Andreas_Sun_UX: if you're asking me
[16:02] Andreas_Sun_UX: happy that at least you joined
[16:03] christoph_n:
[16:04] christoph_n: Okay, then we'll start? 
[16:04] Andreas_Sun_UX: so, in case noone else has a question, I guess it's your turn christoph 
[16:04] Andreas_Sun_UX: ... yes, sure
[16:05] Andreas_Sun_UX: you have a specific topic?
[16:05] christoph_n: I have only three questions at the moment... and since I might forget them, here they are: a) Current status of Impress and (maybe) some public information, b) Any open topics for others to join, c) Any news about Bernhards questions (the swiss guy)...
[16:05] christoph_n: Pick one 
[16:05] Andreas_Sun_UX: I'll try all 
[16:06] Andreas_Sun_UX: current status is that work is goig
[16:06] Andreas_Sun_UX: going on and ...
[16:06] clu_sun hat den Chatroom betreten.
[16:06] christoph_n: Hi Christoph!
[16:06] Andreas_Sun_UX: it's really all about the details, there is a lot of stuff to care for.
[16:06] clu_sun: moin
[16:07] Andreas_Sun_UX: currenlty, we're working on how to display slides that are hidden and how to deal with placeholders that appear on slides in order to insert objects such as images, charts etc.
[16:09] Andreas_Sun_UX: it took almost a week to get one tiny issue fixed. however, since we're sitting closely now, I interact a lot with André and Chrstiian
[16:09] Andreas_Sun_UX: that is of great help.
[16:10] Andreas_Sun_UX: b)
[16:10] Andreas_Sun_UX: these are the only topics I can think of right now. still the same two issues as at the beginning
[16:10] christoph_n: Ah! (My girlfriend told me, that I have to provide feedback so that it is clear that I'm listening) 
[16:11] Andreas_Sun_UX: i know that you're listening 
[16:11] Andreas_Sun_UX: c) to be honest, I have really little time to thing about usability studies right now
[16:12] Andreas_Sun_UX: if anyone else feels the urge to do something, please go ahead and run a study
[16:13] christoph_n: Oh, it is not about that in detail ... but whether are interested in general.
[16:13] Andreas_Sun_UX: sure
[16:13] christoph_n: So if there is any interest, I would like you or me to provide a short feedback to him.
[16:13] Andreas_Sun_UX: I'll be happy if you could do that
[16:13] christoph_n: He also added some things on ux-discuss I neither had the time to look at it 
[16:14] christoph_n: Okay, then I'll do. Can you provide me some coarse info when we might need help? Already for the slide sorting, for the object selections ... or even later?
[16:14] Andreas_Sun_UX: let me think for a minute
[16:15] christoph_n: 60 ... 59 ... 58 ...
[16:16] Andreas_Sun_UX: I don't know if that would be necessary for such "minor" issues where lot's of problems are known. however, testing tasks like mail merge or working with many presentation at ones, or anything similar, that would be interesting
[16:16] Andreas_Sun_UX: or how people deal with master pages, slides etc.
[16:16] christoph_n: So more qualitative studies?
[16:17] Andreas_Sun_UX: yes, in dead that would be more helpful if it's done properl
[16:17] Andreas_Sun_UX: y
[16:17] christoph_n: (es)
[16:17] christoph_n:
[16:17] christoph_n: That seems to be (fortunately) rather unrelated to the current tasks. So if you have something in mind, then please tell us ... maybe we can prepare things before dev / improvement of a feature starts.
[16:18] christoph_n: Since the effort may be high, we specify what is interesting - but that can be done, I think.
[16:18] Andreas_Sun_UX: that would maybe concern object selection behavior
[16:19] Andreas_Sun_UX: a test how users deal with that in the current version of impress or any other app in ooo
[16:19] Andreas_Sun_UX: resizing, positioning etc-
[16:19] Andreas_Sun_UX: layout of objects
[16:19] christoph_n: Okay ... you mean "new users"?
[16:19] Andreas_Sun_UX: yes
[16:19] Andreas_Sun_UX: or any other
[16:20] christoph_n: Maybe a first info can be collected on the lists and with the help of the trainers; and refined by clear hypotheses in a usability study.
[16:20] Andreas_Sun_UX: concern all type of objects actually, in all apps
[16:20] christoph_n: Okay, I'll take that and ask for a first opinion. Thanks!
[16:20] Andreas_Sun_UX: if that doesn not take a year to finish then go
[16:21] christoph_n: Let's first ask him, then we'll take a map ... and go 
[16:21] Andreas_Sun_UX: best is to set up a time period
[16:21] Andreas_Sun_UX: OK
[16:21] christoph_n: However, the easiest thing might be to collect some opinions on ux-discuss. When will that info be needed ... how far is the object selection improvement process? 
[16:22] Andreas_Sun_UX: we're in the discussion right now, so any valuable info in great
[16:23] christoph_n: Okay!
[16:23] christoph_n: Any other news? Did we get five more developers and designers? 
[16:24] Andreas_Sun_UX: Aha, we did! We can do magic now 
[16:25] christoph_n: So we don't need OOo any more? Great 
[16:25] Andreas_Sun_UX:
[16:25] Andreas_Sun_UX: that is the link to the general spec
[16:25] Andreas_Sun_UX: everyone can have a look
[16:25] Andreas_Sun_UX: ... just to start with
[16:25] christoph_n: Okay, is this the one linked on the wiki page?
[16:25] Andreas_Sun_UX: nothing is final yet
[16:25] Andreas_Sun_UX: sure
[16:25] Andreas_Sun_UX: yes
[16:25] christoph_n: Nothing is ever final ...
[16:25] Andreas_Sun_UX: in deed
[16:26] christoph_n: How...ever. That is what I was interested in. Apart from what Liz is doing at the moment. Is she alright?
[16:26] Andreas_Sun_UX: no idea. i guess so. she's on vacation right now. haven't met her since weeks
[16:27] christoph_n: Thank you! I'm going to be quite now. Any questions to me (be warned, I don't have answers...)?
[16:28] clu_sun: no 
[16:28] Andreas_Sun_UX: well, no. not really.
[16:28] christoph_n: Okay, that was a quick meeting 
[16:28] Andreas_Sun_UX: christoph, are you in for the call today
[16:28] Andreas_Sun_UX: ?
[16:28] clu_sun: yes
[16:29] Andreas_Sun_UX: i ment christoph_n
[16:29] Andreas_Sun_UX:
[16:29] christoph_n: If you like. I 'll have another "appointment" with Rosana a few minutes past 5 pm
[16:29] Andreas_Sun_UX: ok
[16:29] christoph_n: Ok = yes?
[16:29] Andreas_Sun_UX: just call when you are ready or give another sign
[16:30] christoph_n: Okay, I'll call you in a few minutes (2...3).
[16:30] christoph_n: Bye to the others!
[16:30] Andreas_Sun_UX: ok, talk to you next week then
[16:30] Andreas_Sun_UX: bye bye
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