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Meeting Details

  • 2010-03-08, 4:00 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

  • Christoph Noack (IRC: christoph_n)
  • Christoph Lukasiak (IRC: clu_sun)
  • D. Richard (IRC: dave_largo)
  • Andreas Bartel (IRC: Andreas_Sun)
  • Elizabeth Matthis (IRC: lizm)
  • Berthold (IRC: Berthold)


  • Round Table

Action Items

Comments on Action Items

Round Table

  • see IRC log


(4:02:55 PM) frankl: Hi!
(4:03:01 PM) clu_sun: moin
(4:03:14 PM) christoph_n: Hi!
(4:03:28 PM) frankl: Hi Chris*2
(4:03:47 PM) christoph_n: :-)
(4:03:53 PM) frankl: Time for our weekly update on Project Renaissance.
(4:04:36 PM) frankl: Andreas is on vacation today, so I have to give the update on layout and slide sorter changes.
(4:05:51 PM) frankl: Andreas and Andre are working on the slide sorter behavior. 
(4:06:44 PM) Berthold [~berthold_@] entered the room.
(4:08:22 PM) frankl: The new insertion cursor for slides is a live rendered WYSIWYG icon. Looks very good! 
(4:09:49 PM) frankl: My focus is on the 'Good defaults' specification.
(4:11:50 PM) frankl:  Currently I am working on the prioritization for these issues.
(4:12:08 PM) christoph_n: (Question: Can we help with that, anyhow?)
(4:12:44 PM) frankl: That's all I have from my side for today.
(4:13:31 PM) christoph_n: I may offer some feedback from the CeBit...
(4:13:49 PM) frankl: Yes, go on.
(4:14:16 PM) christoph_n: First, Jacqueline from the German project summarized the whole representation of OOo at the CeBit rather well. In German:
(4:14:31 PM) christoph_n: I'll try to use it as a basis for a blog post for the project.
(4:15:07 PM) christoph_n: She said that many (many!) people asked whether OOo will incorporate "Ribbons".
(4:15:25 PM) christoph_n: The reasons for the questions have been both "fear" and "interest".
(4:16:11 PM) christoph_n: Personally, I arrived on Friday and got some only few of those questions. But, we had been able to present the current work with the YouTube videos - and anybody was satisfied with the things to come in the near future.
(4:16:54 PM) christoph_n: That means: The YouTube videos were more than helpful. The people reacted rather positive with regard to the currently planned changes.
(4:17:45 PM) christoph_n: I had a long talk with a trainer who may also join the UX team to provide further feedback. I also showed her how we work (Example Printerpullpages) and she said that it was quite interesting what is going on in general.
(4:17:57 PM) christoph_n: Any further questions? :-)
(4:18:39 PM) frankl: Thanks for the CeBIT update!
(4:19:41 PM) christoph_n: Then there is only one interest on the ux-discuss I would like to talk about ... but that may be less Renaissance related.
(4:19:54 PM) christoph_n: Sorry: interest --> request
(4:21:39 PM) frankl: Which one do you mean?
(4:23:12 PM) christoph_n: The question by Berthold (Who may the one attending the chat?) how he can support us.
(4:23:31 PM) christoph_n: He is the guy from Helbling Technik - did you see his mail(s)?
(4:24:32 PM) Berthold: Hi everybody - yes I attend these chat for the first time
(4:24:40 PM) christoph_n: Then a warm welcome to you :-)
(4:26:06 PM) frankl: Yes I have read the his mails. I thing we need Andreas to answer this question, because he is the projet lead for Renaissance.
(4:26:49 PM) frankl: Furthermore I will be on leave until mid of April.
(4:26:55 PM) christoph_n: A french "projet" ;-) Just kidding, yes, that may help.
(4:27:20 PM) christoph_n: So Berthold, is there anything you are interested in at the moment - you said that you had a look at the history of the project.
(4:27:40 PM) christoph_n: Then this may help to bother Andreas ... And by the way, when will you leave Frank?
(4:27:57 PM) christoph_n: (I'm asking because it would be good if you would ask Andreas directly...)
(4:28:48 PM) frankl: March 16 to April 15. So I will see Andreas for the rest of this week :-)
(4:29:17 PM) christoph_n: So we can ask him many more things ;-)
(4:29:35 PM) frankl: Yes :-)
(4:30:10 PM) frankl: So anything else for today?
(4:30:42 PM) christoph_n: Just if Berthold wants to tell us something ... otherwise we may simply stay in contact via the mailing list or we'll see each other next week. Berthold?
(4:30:44 PM) Berthold: A short remark: As I mentioned in the email - creating design proposals if there is anything to design. Or test a prototype which is not yet tested.
(4:32:10 PM) christoph_n: The testing would be just great, but we know this would cause a large effort for you if it is done in a usability lab.
(4:32:40 PM) christoph_n: Concerning the design, there are some activities besides Renaissance which might be also interesting.
(4:33:24 PM) Berthold: we do have a usability lab. But of course we should first look at the prototype and what to test to estimate the effort.
(4:33:54 PM) christoph_n: Absolutely!
(4:34:38 PM) Berthold: OK. I suggest we stay in contact and you Christoph send me the information I need.
(4:35:15 PM) frankl: Andreas will be back tomorrow. So I will forward the request to him and we stay in contact.
(4:35:37 PM) christoph_n: So Frank, if you have some recent (or mid-term) ideas, then please publish them, okay? And please get one of those famous coffees at sun to talk with Andreas ;-) Okay, you may also skip the coffee.
(4:37:07 PM) christoph_n: That is all from my side...
(4:37:11 PM) frankl: I have stopped dringing this 'coffee' last week and I feel much better now ;-)
(4:37:41 PM) christoph_n: Is there any alternative??? ;-)
(4:38:00 PM) frankl: Tea :-)
(4:38:21 PM) clu_sun: and kakao ;)
(4:38:55 PM) christoph_n: Okay, I'll test that next time ;-)
(4:39:10 PM) clu_sun: .. the sparkled water is also ok
(4:39:56 PM) frankl: Kakao is made from the same system :-( . Hopefully Oracle has a different vendor for coffee!
(4:40:16 PM) Berthold: Have a nice week together - and not to much coffee  :)
(4:40:26 PM) frankl: Bye. 
(4:40:28 PM) Berthold left the room.
(4:40:31 PM) christoph_n: We try to consider that. Have a nice week, too.
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