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Meeting Details

  • 2010-02-08, 4:00 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

  • Frank Loehmann (IRC: frankl)
  • Christoph Lukasiak (IRC:clu_sun)
  • Andreas Bartel (IRC: Andreas_SunOOoUX)
  • Christoph Noack (IRC: christoph_n)


  • Round Table

Action Items

Comments on Action Items

Round Table

  • see IRC log


<FrankL> Hi!
<christoph_n> Ah! Hi Frank!
<christoph_n> I thought its the wrong time, wrong location, ... :-)
<FrankL> Why?
<christoph_n> Mmh, since I'm usually late and don't know when you usually start. Howevery, I'm patient now since I do not have any news ...
* clu_sun (~cl114686@nat/sun/x-zjnfiehkelypbpaq) hat betreten
<FrankL> Let us wait for Andreas.
* Andreas_SunOOoUX (~andreas_s@nat/sun/x-wcyvpamgwzgwtkff) hat betreten
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> hi everyone
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> sorry for the delay, we've been in another meeting
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> christoph, did you arrive safely at home?
<christoph_n> Yup.
<christoph_n> Yes, everything went fine, but I need some still sleep :-)
<christoph_n> Thank you for asking, but the whole stay was (from the organizational point of view) really relaxing...
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> I see :-)
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> good to know
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> since we do not have action items, let's go to directly to roundtable
<christoph_n> And by the way, I really enjoyed our evening ... next time we have to "add" Frank.
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> sure! was nice
<christoph_n> Roundtable for the IZBot? ;-)
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> who's that anyway ;-)
<christoph_n> issue 12345
<IZBot> framework DEFECT CLOSED FIXED P3 user should be warned to close document before usinf NetBeans to delete a deployed parcel
<christoph_n> (Aehm, usually he responds).
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> :-)
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> ok. back to serious :-)
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> currenlty, the team is still working on slide layouts and selection behavior
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> there are a lot of minor issues that have to be defined
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> colors. high contrast. pixel-exact positioning etc
<christoph_n> Since there were some questions concerning Renaissance on the German mailing list, I sent them some links to the videos covering Impress. Are these "real" developments - e.g. the behavior in the slide sorter? Or still a rough alpha or whatever?
<christoph_n> (Because, I couldn't believe what is possible with OOo...) :-)
<FrankL> Just a minute... stay tuned :-)
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> these are real developments but do not take that for granted that it will appear sometime in the same way
<christoph_n> I see, I see. However, these are great examples to show that (subtle) animations do improve usability. I didn't expect those capabilities from OOo, especially since I hoped for that for the Writer Comments.
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> it's still a challenge but we'll. it's possible in general. we'd just have to find a nice animation style/behavior
<FrankL> André showed us even more:
<FrankL> Animated background in the slide sorter mode.
<christoph_n> YouTube is still loading, but I assume it is the one with the circles demoing the background?
<FrankL> Yes
<FrankL> ... but could be anything else.
<christoph_n> Another degree of freedom :-)
<christoph_n> Was this any requirement for a current feature or did he present it to present the capabilities of Impress/Drawing Layer etc.?
<FrankL> No requirement. He was just testing if he could do the same his PS3 does so fine :-)
performance tests, basically
<christoph_n> So we just need some additional controllers for OOo? Game your document! :-)
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> sure :-=
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> :-)
<christoph_n> Okay, that was the one thing which I was interested in.
<christoph_n> Since nobody joined to ask questions, is there anything else?
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> not from my side
<christoph_n> The next two days I will be offline, because of some travelling for my day job.
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> ok
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> I'd say talk to you next week then
<FrankL> OK
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> bye bye
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