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Meeting Details

  • 2009-12-07, 4:00 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

  • Christoph Noack (IRC: christoph_n)
  • Andreas Bartel (IRC: Andreas_SunOOoUX)
  • Frank Loehmann (IRC: frankl)
  • Christoph Lukasiak (IRC: clu_sun)
  • dave_largo


  • Round Table

Action Items

Comments on Action Items

Round Table

  • see IRC log


<FrankL> Hi
* christoph_n ( hat betreten
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> hi everyone
<christoph_n> Hi!
<FrankL> Hi Christoph!
<christoph_n> Hi Frank! Liz cannot make it, am I right?
<FrankL> Yes, you are right - as always ;-)
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> we did not have anything for the agenda today
<FrankL> Round table?
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> then we can move on to the rounf table
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> exactly
<christoph_n> Wow, that's a great meeting :-)
<christoph_n> IRC isn't that bad ;-)
* linuxtogo ( hat betreten
<christoph_n> Any topics?
<FrankL> We had our status update presentation for November/December last week. See for details.
<christoph_n> How "mature" are the designs for the Impress improvements?
<FrankL> and we have added a new demo document to the renaissance prototype:
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> the specifications are in good shape
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> I guess they'll go out by the end of the week
<christoph_n> Great :-)
<FrankL> The visual design is not final. Stella is currently working on the drafts provided by us.
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> right. the basic structure is more or less done. icons are definitely not final yet
<christoph_n> Okay. May I add another topic?
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> sure
<FrankL> We will link to the specs on our Renaissance Impress project home page:
<christoph_n> Are the specs wiki based ... or are the usual Writer templates used?
<christoph_n> New Topic: Document Check
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> Writer
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> the specs are Writer documents
<christoph_n> Frank, we talked about the idea of basic document checking at the OOoCon. I wrote it down (with some other ideas I had in mind) and it's now in the Wiki.
<christoph_n> I announced it on the UX blog...
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> saw that, quite nice
<christoph_n> Unfortunately, the Planet seems to dislike posts after the 4th of December, so got only few feedback until now.
<christoph_n> But, it's quite positive.
<FrankL> I have seen it but did not had the time for an in-depth check.
<christoph_n> Just wanted to mention that, especially since there are some nice ideas in the Wiki (written by other authors).
<FrankL> Does it cover things like graphic size/linked etc?
<christoph_n> I noticed that dave_largo (rrrring) proposed to talk about that concept, because that would solve some of their problems in the City of Largo. :-)
<christoph_n> Of course :-) And things you don't want to know about.
<FrankL> :-)
<christoph_n> Due to the feedback, I already learned that other programs provide leightweight functionality which is similar. But that shouldn't hinder us to have a broader view (at the moment).
<FrankL> Is this in scope of Project Renaissance?
<christoph_n> Not really, it is about better documents and learning how to work with documents. At least that's my opinion.
* linuxtogo hat die Verbindung getrennt ()
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> I'd agree to that
<christoph_n> However, some of the ideas can be even implemented in Extensions to check its usefulness. So it might be even fun for contributors. But the I guess the "Wow" effect requires to implement at least 80% ;-)
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> extensions is always a great idea to start with
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> at least IMHO
<christoph_n> Wow, a business idea ;-)
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> :-)
<FrankL> but we have to check for technical dependencies of extensions first.
<christoph_n> I love brainstorming :-)
<FrankL> Some time is it not possible to get access to all the needed information as an extensions without doing some preparation in advance.
<FrankL> preparation in OOo.
<FrankL> Anything else for today?
<christoph_n> Not at the moment.
<FrankL> So see U all next week?
<christoph_n> Yep.
<christoph_n> Have a nice day!
<FrankL> Bye!
<Andreas_SunOOoUX> bye bye!
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