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Meeting Details

  • 2009-10-26, 4:00 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

  • Christoph Noack (IRC: christoph_n)
  • Frank Loehmann (IRC: frankl)
  • Christoph Lukasiak (IRC: clu_sun)
  • dave_largo
  • linuxtogo


  • User Feedback Program Data
  • Conference: UX/Renaissance workshop(s)
  • Round Table

Action Items

Comments on Action Items

Round Table

  • see IRC log


* christoph_n ( hat betreten
<christoph_n> Hi Frank!
<FrankL> Hi Christoph!
<christoph_n> Seems quite quite...
<christoph_n> ...quiet
<FrankL> Maybe because of the winter/summer time gap from EU/USA.
<FrankL> I have just a few things to talk about.
<christoph_n> Like last week, I cannot contribute anything to Renaissance. It's more related to the planning of the workshops...
<FrankL> I am also preparing the presentations & wokshops to be held at the Conference next week.
<christoph_n> Do you know if Liz and Andreas will join the "official" part of the meeting?
<FrankL> Andreas is on vacation today.
<christoph_n> ts ts ts
<FrankL> Liz just called me to say that she is busy and will not attend chat/call today.
<FrankL> I have also prepared the planning document for the thinning out process of the Impress UI last week. 
<christoph_n> Does it make sense to shortly address the items although we're alone?
<FrankL> Therefore I have created a special spreadsheet with User Feedback Data for Impress:
<FrankL> I think yes, because we have minutes of this chat. 
<FrankL> Any questions regarding the thinning out process?
<christoph_n> Did you have time to discuss some items with the Impress team? What do they think?
* linuxtogo ( hat betreten
<FrankL> We had a short discussions two weeks ago. Was quite positive. The current planning document is a high level one to get a buy in from management.
<christoph_n> So at the moment it will be required to wait a bit( until more detailed steps can be presented)?
<FrankL> We also have a more detailed document that we can discuss on OOo Con next week. The current one is only stripped down for management.
<christoph_n> Ok.
<FrankL> For a better understanding :-)
<christoph_n> Of course.
<FrankL> ;-)
<christoph_n> So the next topic are the workshops/presentations?
<christoph_n> Or is there anything Renaissance related left?
<FrankL> No, so lets face the OOCon.
<christoph_n> Okay. Should I start with the workshops?
<FrankL> I am still working on the presentations. I hope to have a first version ready on Wednesday COB.
<FrankL> COB = close of business
<christoph_n> Oh, thanks!
<FrankL> Any news about how we will use of the time we have for the workshops.
<christoph_n> Not yet. Concerning UX Workshop II, I've published the wiki page:
<christoph_n> And I announced it on several mailing lists and the UX Team blog. Unfortunately, there has been only one questions with regard to documentation improvements.
<christoph_n> That means that we have to find own proposals ... or we have to find people who provide proposals :-)
<FrankL> Cool. So it seems that we have to prepare some UX things for the workshop.
<christoph_n> Concerning UX Workshop I, I asked Davide of the conference organization team to remove the "2h workshop" in the description.
<christoph_n> UX II: The question I've got was asked by a person who will not be at the OOoCon :-( But maybe we can even ask at the conference whether there are any topics people are interested in.
<FrankL> Yes but we should have something in the pocket too.
<christoph_n> Mmh ... maybe the people missed the blog postings (the planet contains so many data sources, so that this might be easily missed). Do you plan to blog on GullFOSS in the next few days?
<FrankL> Hard to say, but if I have to I will do it.
<christoph_n> :-) So let's say, if you do, could you please refer to the workshop? In the meantime I will try to re-mail to the mailing lists.
<FrankL> We had a meeting regarding the new Find toolbar today. There we could make use of the user feedback data for the Find & Replace Dialog. Was very positive feedback to have something for decission making based on real data!
<FrankL> OK
<christoph_n> Pretty cool. Did you have the chance to consider the community feedback on the Find bar?
<FrankL> Maybe I should write another User Feedback Program posting to point to the OOCon presentation and the workshop.
<christoph_n> It should be called "software developer feedback program" :-)
<FrankL> Christoph Lukasiak will evaluate this and is responsible for the specification of that feature.
<FrankL> :-)
<christoph_n> Perfect!
<christoph_n> So we did finish OOoCon topics?
<FrankL> We have done some mock-ups today with a very reduced feature set. If we introduce the Find field, we can remove the search button to call the Find & Replace dialog and put it into the optional buttons of the new Find toolbar.
<christoph_n> Sorry, I don't get it. You mean the F&R dialog will be replaced completely, or is it accessible via a button in the find bar?
<FrankL> Yes.
<FrankL> Nope. The dialog is the beast and we will just offer a search field for the every day search so that you have not to fight with the beast to find what you are looking for..
<christoph_n> So you add the "beauty" ;-)
<FrankL> As I said, Christoph is in charge and is the beauty ;-)
<christoph_n> Christoph L (!) :-)
<christoph_n> There is one recent topic I would like to discuss. Print Ranges in Calc.
<FrankL> Oh yes, the longest discussion we ever had :-)
<FrankL> on discuss@ux.
<FrankL> beside new icons ,-)
<christoph_n> Yep :-) Am I right that you worked on Calc printing before?
<FrankL> Yes, I did what I could.
<FrankL> see:
<christoph_n> That sounds ... it sounds somehow. So my question is whether you could have a look at the recent discussion. If required, I could provide a summary for you. From my point of view, it seems that we need another opinion by an usability professional. The current ideas are a bit different.
<FrankL> not to forget the specification:
<christoph_n> By the way, there are already some spec proposals by community members which provide valuable insight what's wrong at the moment...
<christoph_n> So could you please have a look at it? I already said that you might be very busy because of the OOoCon. So if we have to wait for two weeks seems acceptable :-)
<FrankL> A summary is good because I did not read all the positings due to lack of time these days.
<FrankL> Maybe it is a good idea to talk @ OOoCon?
<christoph_n> Yes, that would be good. But we should definitevly use the input of the other contributors. So it would make sense to summarize our discussion at ux-discuss...
<FrankL> OK
<FrankL> BTW the Find toolbar in Calc could be extended to a query/filter field in the future. I would love such a feature. What do you think?
<christoph_n> Hey, maybe this would even be a candicate for the UX Workshop II ;-) That saves valuable time which should be spent in restaurants ;-)
* linuxtogo ( hat verlassen
* linuxtogo ( hat betreten
<FrankL> Sounds good :-) BTW in which hotel do you stay?
<christoph_n> Since the topics are more broader at the moment, I would like to invite the other people to join our discussion.
<christoph_n> Hotel: Hotel Kristall, which is a bit outside the city.
<christoph_n> But, WLAN :-)
<christoph_n> (BTW, thanks for the Print spec).
<FrankL> We all stay in different hotels. Seems that there are not so many rooms available.
<FrankL> Cool you hotel is directly @ the autobahn :-)
<christoph_n> Find toolbar: What do you have in mind, wrt the "query/filter" field? Something like Firefox to start searching right away?
<christoph_n> What luck! ;-)
<FrankL> Wouldn't it be cool to have a quick autofilter in place that hides all rows in a spreadsheet not containing a special value?
<christoph_n> It would be cool, but I think for many people it would be highly beneficial for the autofilter. So they can combine the searches in selected columns.
<FrankL> I will stay @ the Hotel Palazzo Piccolomini. Just 400 meters to the conference.
<FrankL> Yes, such an enhancement should be added to the autofiler feature too. Then you could define which columns will be used for filtering.
<christoph_n> I'm not sure how to provide the "filter" for the other applications - like Writer or Impress. Are there any use cases you have in mind?
<FrankL> I think Impress would be a candidate. But not for OOo 3.3 because we will use the already present API for searching then.
<christoph_n> Okay. If several applications are "affected", it would be really great if we could have some kind of roadmap / vision which describes the search for better searching. What do you think?
<christoph_n> (Sorry, I should use the plural when adding words afterwards...)
<FrankL> I think it is just an idea to extend it today. We should add it to deature task section of specification.
<FrankL> I think we are done for today. Anything else?
<christoph_n> Okay. However, it would be a very useful feature. And besides that, I'm sure that "searching" in general can be improved in various ways.
<christoph_n> Nope.
<christoph_n> Is there a meeting next week? I will be already in Italy, so it is likely that I won't have internet access.
<FrankL> I have on day of vacation on Monday, so I will not attend too.
<FrankL> on->one
<christoph_n> Enjoy it! Bye bye!
<FrankL> Bye!
<christoph_n> Or better: Ciao! :-)
* linuxtogo hat die Verbindung getrennt ()
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