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Meeting Details

  • 2009-09-14, 4:00 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

  • Martin Damboldt (IRC: mdamboldt)
  • Frank Loehmann (IRC: frankl)
  • Andreas Bartel (IRC: Andreas_sun)
  • Christoph Lukasiak (IRC: clu_sun)
  • Elizabteh Matthis (IRC: lizm)
  • phaoUNTOtom


  • Status report
  • Round Table

Action Items

  • Deinstallation survey

Comments on Action Items

  • Deinstalltion survey: We wait until Rosana is back to get an update

Round Table

  • N/A


- Sie sind nun in
- phaoUNTOtom joined
<lizm>haii hallo!
<lizm>Bin ich hier richtig?
* phaoUNTOtom is wondering what happened to the weekly meetings?
<lizm>Hi phaoUNTOtom, I am here. I cancelled the meeting for two weeks at the end of August when nobody was here to host, but otherwise the meetings still take place as usual. I expect Andreas to be here today. He must be on the phone or something. In the past months we didn't have much to report due to the prototyping work.
<Andreas_SunOOoUX>i am sorry
<Andreas_SunOOoUX>i had an interesting discussion with matthias
<lizm>That is nice. He is always interesting. ;-)
<Andreas_SunOOoUX>well, he did provide some good feedback
<lizm>->phaoUNTOtom: Do you have any questions or input for the agenda today?
<lizm>OK, lets continue.
<phaoUNTOtom>I don't have any questions or input for today.
<lizm>Good to have you hear just the same.
<Andreas_SunOOoUX>I've been trying to figure out what is going on with the deinstallation survey
<lizm>Did you get a response from Rosana?
<Andreas_SunOOoUX>but as long as Rosana is on vacation, there is not much to report
<lizm>got it. I think she'll be back next week.
<Andreas_SunOOoUX>liz, do you want to say something about Friday this week?
<lizm>no, that is not Renaissance
<Andreas_SunOOoUX>anything else?
<lizm>Blog coming up on the survey responses
<lizm>The prototype survey responses, that is
<Andreas_SunOOoUX>just the update that Frank is going to be back in the office this Wednesday
<Andreas_SunOOoUX>I am on leave from next week on, again
<lizm>I know Christoph Noack will be back from vacation Wed as well.
<lizm>This Saturday, Sept 19th is Software Freedom Day worldwide. I'll be at an event here in Hamburg
<lizm>It has nothing to do with Renaissance, though. Just OOo in general. But maybe a question or two on Renaissance will come up.
<Andreas_SunOOoUX>be prepared :-)
<lizm>So that is all from me.
<Andreas_SunOOoUX>ok. no action items, too. I am done as well.
<phaoUNTOtom>Speaking of being prepared: Andreas, your 04 Sep 2009 comment on was very helpful to the naysayers I think.  It helped us see that the Renaissance isn't just about copying ribbon.  :-)
<Andreas_SunOOoUX>are you talking about the university blog entry?
<phaoUNTOtom>Andreas: Yes
<Andreas_SunOOoUX>unfortunately there was little resonance about this contribution
<Andreas_SunOOoUX>the students did a great job and they will continue to contribute constructively
<phaoUNTOtom>Their is enough support for this Renaissance project that you have willing hands that see value in what you are doing.
<phaoUNTOtom>That is the power of collaboration of opensource projects.
<Andreas_SunOOoUX>that's the point I'd say. there is a strong core within our community that has a neverending will to continue to contribute
<Andreas_SunOOoUX>no petition will change that :-)
<phaoUNTOtom>Well, until latter.
<lizm>The feedback all around, both good and bad has been valuable. I plan to highlight the feedback that was given in the survey connected to the prototype this week or next.
<lizm>See you phaoUNTOtom! Thx for stopping in.
<lizm>Bye all
<Andreas_SunOOoUX>bye bye
<phaoUNTOtom>Yes!!  Even the negative feedback can be construed as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.
- lizm quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox]")
- phaoUNTOtom quit ("Leaving")
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