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Meeting Details

  • 2009-08-10, 4:10 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

  • Martin Damboldt (IRC: mdamboldt)
  • Frank Loehmann (IRC: frankl)
  • Andreas Bartel (IRC: Andreas_sun)
  • Christoph Lukasiak (IRC: clu_sun)
  • Elizabteh Matthis (IRC: lizm)


  • Round Table

Action Items


Comments on Action Items


Round Table


(4:10:16 PM) frankl: Hi
(4:12:14 PM) frankl: Should we start the Project Renaissance meeting?
(4:12:59 PM) clu_sun: yo
(4:15:13 PM) frankl: We got much feedback on the Impress prototype after we have published our monthly update presentation on GullFoss last week. (~420 comments on GullFoss, 1200 filled out surveys + press coverage on slash. &
(4:17:21 PM) frankl: Tenor was quite different in blog comments and survey. More negative in blog much better in survey.
(4:17:54 PM) lizm: hi sorry I'm late
(4:18:32 PM) frankl: We will do a wrap up of the comments and publish a blog on GullFoss to answer those comments this week.
(4:18:35 PM) lizm: I think people who fill out surveys should be taken more seriously
(4:18:37 PM) frankl: Hi Liz!
(4:19:00 PM) lizm: Hello. Glad to be back
(4:19:35 PM) frankl: People taking the survey have tested the prototype at least for a moment. 
(4:19:56 PM) lizm: Yes, and they aren't just FUD sprayers
(4:20:41 PM) lizm: I'll be glad to help with the blog.
(4:22:03 PM) lizm: Has anything new come up regarding participation at the OOoCon for our UX community
(4:22:59 PM) frankl: Those users of OOo are not the majority for sure, but nevertheless we have to evaluate this feedback to see were are the fears of geek and power users.
(4:25:43 PM) frankl: 1. Status of Project Renaissance - Working on a New User Interface for  OOo (Andreas Bartel/Frank Loehmann) 
(4:25:43 PM) frankl: 2. Project Renaissance - Prototyping a New User Interface (Andreas Bartel/Frank Loehmann)
(4:25:43 PM) frankl: 3. UX Workshop I - (Jaron/Christoph Noack/Elizabeth Matthis)
(4:25:43 PM) frankl: 4. User Feedback Program - How to Collect Real User Data (Technik, Frank Mau) über Jörg Janke eingereicht
(4:25:43 PM) frankl: 5. UX Workshop II - Desission Making Based on Real User Data (Andreas Bartel, Christian Jansen, Christoph Lukasiak?)
(4:27:13 PM) frankl: I have submitted those 5 proposals via my manager.
(4:28:09 PM) lizm: Thanks for the list of topics for the OOoCon. I'm glad you have submitted them. BTW, Fears of geeks and power users have to be accounted for along side those of average-Joe users. I agree. Hey, we try to please 'em all! ;-) But in the end will we succeed? Tune in next week for the next episode of General OOoUX Hospital. :-) Just a joke.
(4:28:17 PM) frankl: #2 could be integrated into #1 if we only get one slot.
(4:28:25 PM) IZBot: no issue with number 1
(4:29:27 PM) lizm: Poor IssueZilla Bot is confused by list numbering. :-( But we love those Bots anyway. ;-)
(4:30:51 PM) frankl: I have submitted one more proposal regarding the PrinterPullPages iTeam. Christoph Noack is working on a print preview within the print dialog. This is well documented at the OOo Wiki.
(4:31:43 PM) lizm: Oh yes, that Print dialog work is extensive, so he would have a lot to present. I hope all the UX proposals get accepted and that we can all go to the conference.
(4:32:36 PM) frankl: I hope so too! Hopefully Christian Jansen will be with us at OOo Con this year too.
(4:33:07 PM) frankl: Back to Renaissance status.
(4:33:50 PM) frankl: I am working on more prototypes and adjustments.
(4:34:29 PM) lizm: ok
(4:35:21 PM) frankl: Those will cover: Height, contextual formatting behavior and maybe also docking/moving of the toolbar area itself.
(4:36:13 PM) frankl: We could expect to see those new prototypes by end of next week.
(4:36:49 PM) frankl: That's it from my side.
(4:37:26 PM) frankl: Anything else for today?
(4:37:39 PM) lizm: As I've just returned from sick leave I havne't got anything new to report.
(4:38:33 PM) lizm: Thanks for fearlessley holding down the UX fort  on your own for the past weeks, Frank. It was a heroic effort which I greatly appreciate!
(4:39:45 PM) frankl: OK thanks :-) Bye! Frank
(4:39:57 PM) clu_sun left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(4:40:08 PM) lizm: bye
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