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Important UX Issues

  • ID:????? Cut, Copy & Paste via Context Menu (proposed by:fl)

Issue: Cut, copy and paste are often used via the context menu. OOo does not follow system standard (on Windows) and provides these entries at the bottom of each context menu.
Proposal: Move cut, copy & paste entries to the top of each context menu in OOo.

  • ID:????? Drag & Drop (proposed by:fl)

Issue: Internal and external (system) Drag & Drop (D&D) are to different things. User must plan action before starting D&D because internal D&D ends on application window. External D&D lacks preview during D&D. Furthermore external D&D is hard to start and requires a preselected object before starting D&D action.
Proposal: Unify internal & system D&D. Internal D&D will become external D&D on application border and vice versa.


For OOo 3.2 the Renaissance team will focus on OOo Impress. Our goal is to reduce the complexity of Impress and make common interactions easier/faster. The following issues and tasks are collected as a pool by the OOo UX community and might be considered when creating the proposal.

Common Tasks in Impress

<describe common tasks here when creating presentations>

Important UX Issues

  • 62210 Vertical Scrolling Through Slides (proposed by:fl)

Issue: The vertical scrollbar in Impress does not allow to scoll thru the presentation it just scrolls inside the working area.
Proposal: Scipp blank space below slide and jump to next slide.

  • 72551 Selection Behavior (proposed by:fl)

Issue: Objects lying on a (bigger) selected object could not be selected without deselecting the other obejct first. Furthermore no feedback is given if the mouse is above an object. I.e. a context click inside a group of selected objects withdraws the current selection and the user has no idea why this happens.
Proposal: Give feedback when mouse is over the unselected object and make new selection if clicked. Chart has already impelemented this behavior.

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