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This page explains how to work with glossary in Pootle.

Glossary Matching in Pootle

Community can maintain their own terminology with 'Terminology' project in Pootle.

Create a Terminology project

1. Community request Pootle admin to create a Terminology project for their language.
2. Pootle admin create the project for the language and configure proper privilege.

Maintain Terminology

Under Terminology project, user can find a po file, which is generally named as 'pootle-terminology.po'. Only user who has proper privilege can modify the terminology file.

Work with Terminology

Once a Terminology project is successfully setup in Pootle, related translations from the terminology file are displayed as suggestions in translation page.

Translation Memory in Pootle

Pootle also supports TM(Translation Memory) during on-line translation.

Create TM

Community can create TM from the latest translations in Pootle.

  • Go to Pootle and download all the contents of the project you want.
  • make a new directory and unzip the downloaded archive under the directory.
  • Convert the po files to a tmx file using po2tmx.
Example) po2tmx -l [langcode] [dir of po] [output tmx]

TM can be used for off-line translation or uploaded to Pootle for on-line translation.

Upload TM to Pootle

Community request Pootle admin to upload TM for their language.

  • Community send their glossary(tmx format or a po compendium) to Pootle admin.
  • Pootle admin convert it to .tm format files and upload to Pootle.

Work with TM

Once TM is successfully uploaded to Pootle, related translations from TM are displayed as suggestions in translation page.

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