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Performance Project

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People working in the performance project

Name OOo user IRC nick name Role and tasks in performance project Affiliation
Éric Bachard ericb ericb2 All ports, analyzing, and working with students on improvements Unaffiliated
Stephan Bergmann sb sb Startup performance (Unix) Sun Microsystems
Michael Brauer mib odf-mib Analyzing load/save performance, analysis tools Sun Microsystems
Xiuzhi Cheng xzcheng xiuzhi AnsyLoading Beijing Redflag CH2000
Carsten Driesner cd cd_oo Startup performance (Windows) Sun Microsystems
Peter Junge pj peter13j Observer Beijing Redflag CH2000
Heng Li LiHeng liheng Performance Project Lead Beijing Redflag CH2000
Frank Loehmann fl frankl UX Sun Microsystems
Dieter Löschky dl DieterLoeschky Performance Project Lead Sun Microsystems
Eike Rathke er erAck Calc performance Sun Microsystems
Malte Timmermann mt Malte Analyzing and trying different stuff Sun Microsystems
Guoqiang Yu yugq yugq Startup, load and save Beijing Redflag CH2000
Liangjun Zeng zengliangjun liangjun Startup Beijing Redflag CH2000

List of all members registered to the performance project: (not an active link)

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