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This wiki was created to track localization testing of the 3.0 Beta release and to provide information about problems and issues found.

Testing schedule

start: 2008-05-06
end: 2008-05-26

Tested areas

Use the following table to provide information about testing done (the first two rows are just an example).

The table will be updated as new assignments appear in TCM. Once you finish your TCM testing, please put the link to your TCM report into the table.

And if you do some testing without TCM, feel free to share the results of your testing in the table as well, including issue numbers you submitted.

Type of testing done Language Tester Result
TCM Calc-1/2/3, Impress-2, Overall-3, Writer-3; free testing German several FAILED
3.0 new features of Writer, Calc, Impress, (Base) Japanese chomy, enoki, hidewon, kamataki, khirano, kiryu, okm, yuko
Overall-3(zh-cn),Writer-3(zh-tw),Impress-2(ko) CCK aijin,alice Yellow
various scenarios European (11 langs in total) vit, filip, petr Yellow
TCM Release Sanity and production Vietnamese clytie & several Yellow
TCM Release Sanity, Writer-3, Calc-3, Calc Formatting, Impress2, Overall-3 French several FAILED
TCM Complete Italian several P2 to P4 issues 89617

90085 ...

Important issues

Although the TCM report contains issue numbers, if there are issues you find important, you can list them here:

(this is just an example) issue 1234: Calc Help is not translated into Spanish

issue 89236 : Impress freezes on animated gif in slideshow mode

issue 88388 : Crash when exporting to pdf

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