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New Pootle Server!

An upgraded version of the Pootle Server has been set up on a new powerful machine exclusively dedicated to the l10n project. The New Pootle Server has now a new URL: .

The server is the full replacement for the old two zones we had used over years. The complete content was migrated to the new one.

What are the major enhancements gained with the new system? Beside the performance-boost, we have all languages under one hat. This allows to use the complete set of capabilities of the new Pootle 2.1.x software (e.g. showing beside the source and target language a third language, team administration for language-leads, ...) which will increase the translation process. A big thank you to Dwayne Baily, Friedel Wolff and Alaa Abd El Fattah from and last but not least to Frank Grzesiak-Mau and Ivo Hinkelmann from Oracle for their great support in making this happen!

The maintenance of the server is much easier than before and will allow to take advantage of the new continuous l10n process for updating the content every milestones on the server and exporting it to create l10n language packs with increasing frequency.

Interested in using Pootle for translation? Please send your request to the mailing list.

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