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(15:01:31) liutao: Morning kay
(15:02:08) kr: good afternoon liutao
(15:02:25) kr: should we wait for others to join?
(15:03:12) liutao: I don't know, Please wait for me to give _ch_ a call.
(15:03:26) kr: ok
(15:05:43) liutao: nobody answer me.
(15:07:17) kr: so let's wait a moment, anything we want to discuss?
(15:07:46) liutao: I looked the code of her
(15:08:15) kr: did you understand it?
(15:11:15) liutao: I give her some advices. and she use the class DefaultMutableTreeNode and every node inherit this class. that two text edit box are both element of a node. I think there should be two functions : setstring and getstring.
(15:11:49) liutao: but I can not fix it.
(15:13:48) kr: I see, can she fix it?
(15:13:49) _ch_ [~quch@] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(15:14:14) _ch_: hi, all, I am sorry I am late.
(15:15:08) kr: _ch_: no problem
(15:15:12) liutao: _ch_: I just told kay that the bugs of the code.
(15:15:28) _ch_: liutao: thank you.
(15:16:53) _ch_: kr: :) I was on another meeting.
(15:17:06) liutao: I told you that there should be two functions: like setstring and getstring, do you try it?
(15:17:11) kr: _ch_: no problem
(15:17:25) _ch_: liutao: no.
(15:17:47) kr: which file are we discussing?
(15:18:16) liutao: configurewindow
(15:19:19) _ch_: liutao: I have tried it weeks ago, yes, it works, but I don't know how to display the Rectangel, just like JTextField.
(15:20:33) _ch_: liutao: I also have tried to use Combox, Then I can edit, but I don't want to display the Listbox of the Combox.
(15:22:44) _ch_: Am I interrupting your discuss?
(15:22:52) liutao: No
(15:23:36) kr: ... just looking into the file, where would should be setstring / getstring ?
(15:24:13) liutao: ConfigureTreeNodeEdit nShell = new ConfigureTreeNodeEdit ("with-shell ",withshell);
(15:26:10) liutao: withshell should not be a const string I think , this can be modified in edittextbox. So when the editbox changed , we should set the string in editbox into "withshell",and also call get string when it display.
(15:26:14) kr: give me a second
(15:29:14) kr: in the sources I just checked out, the lines with nShell are commented out
(15:30:11) _ch_: kr: sorry, I have not checked in the source, just have send you a mail with attachment.
(15:30:24) kr: ok
(15:30:40) liutao: Kr:The attachment is a patch
(15:30:41) _ch_: kr: please give me a second.
(15:31:08) _ch_: I will check in the patch.
(15:37:32) kr: ... I am back in a minute
(15:40:40) _ch_: Have checked in.
(15:43:02) kr: update the source and patched the files :)
(15:43:10) _ch_: liutao: you are right, I use the "ConfigureTreeNodeEdit nShell = new ConfigureTreeNodeEdit ("with-shell ","bash");" just for test.
(15:43:15) kr: I should be up 2 date now
(15:43:48) _ch_: kr: what's the meaning? :)
(15:44:03) kr: you mean "up 2 date" ?
(15:44:09) _ch_: kr: yes. :)
(15:44:22) kr: _ch_: "up to date" :)
(15:44:36) _ch_: kr: I see. :)
(15:44:52) kr: _ch_: 2 sounds as to but is shorter :)
(15:45:07) kr: _ch_: I mean "2" sounds as "to" but is shorter :)
(15:45:25) _ch_: kr: get it now. :)
(15:45:39) _ch_: liutao: the string "bash", and "/opt/OOEnv/jdk1.6" should be get from system.
(15:45:54) liutao: yes
(15:46:24) _ch_: liutao: I have not adjust them , just like : "ConfigureTreeNode" have done . :)
(15:47:56) liutao: SO,can you fix it?
(15:48:32) _ch_: liutao: In my mind, they (nShell, nJdkHome) are not needed later, we just put them(nodes of "with-shell","with-jdk-home",etc) into array(s).
(15:50:12) _ch_: liutao: I can only fix "ConfigureTreeNodeEdit", but in term of the bug of "showing", I cannot. BTW, that's why I need help. :)\
(15:50:12) kr: ideally would extract the defaults from "./configure" , though we may want to do that later
(15:50:53) kr: _ch_: I just re-compiled everything and it seems to work, what's the problem ?
(15:52:12) _ch_: kr: Can you see nodes of "with-shell =bash" and "with-jdk-home=/opt/OOEnv/jdk1.6" under "Build Tools"? (15:52:46) kr: _ch_: yes
(15:53:07) _ch_: kr: none of them can't be changed
(15:53:26) _ch_: kr: none of them CAN be changed, :)
(15:53:47) kr: _ch_: I see, I can change them - and when I step to the next it reverts to its old value, right? (15:53:57) _ch_: kr: yes.
(15:54:30) _ch_: kr: and I don't know how to solve it.
(15:55:55) kr: _ch_: I would assume that you somehow get an event in case of the change, you may need to react on that to ensure that the value becomes committed
(16:00:11) _ch_: kr: yes, but I don't know HOW to notify WHO, after I have changed the Node in Edit mode. :(
(16:00:55) kr: _ch_: I see
(16:03:11) kr: _ch_: I try to have a look at it on Friday, just post me if you have found a solution by than :) (16:03:46) _ch_: kr: Alright. Thank you. :)
(16:04:21) kr: do we have anything else for today?
(16:04:58) _ch_: kr: not from me. :)
(16:05:46) kr: ok, than let's talk again next week :)
(16:05:51) kr: bye for now
(16:06:13) _ch_: Have a nice week! bye. :)

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