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(15:01:14) _ch_: good morning Kay!
(15:02:35) liutao: Good morning kay,good afternoon QuCanghua.
(15:02:55) _ch_: hi, liutao.
(15:02:59) xiuzhi: hi all
(15:03:13) _ch_: hi, xiuzhi!
(15:03:22) liutao: Hi,xiuzhi
(15:03:35) xiuzhi: liutao,_ch_:afternoon
(15:03:39) xiuzhi: kr:moin
(15:08:28) _ch_: kr: I have promised to upload the code, but I cannot add the function like "hasgcc()" ...
(15:09:02) kr: good afternoon
(15:09:33) kr: _ch_: what is the problem with the function?
(15:11:36) _ch_: kr: I have the constitution: ConfigureTreeNodeCheckBox ( Object myObject ,boolean bIsSelected)
(15:12:39) kr: _ch_: yes?
(15:12:45) _ch_: kr: and when I create the tree, I use: ConfigureTreeNodeCheckBox nActivex = new ConfigureTreeNodeCheckBox ("activex", public boolean hasActivex() {return true;});
(15:13:14) _ch_: kr: it is wrong.
(15:13:14) kr: _ch_: I see ...
(15:13:53) kr: _ch_: what's the error?
(15:16:17) xiuzhi: _ch_:please paste your compile error log
(15:17:27) _ch_: kr:Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassFormatError: Method "<error>" in class ooom12n/ConfigureWindow has illegal signature "LnOptionalPackages/add;"
(15:17:27) _ch_: at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method)
(15:18:36) kr: _ch_: did you put the method definition inline, as you typed?
(15:21:20) kr: _ch_: please try to put the definitions outline
(15:28:03) _ch_: kr: i have tried to move it to the line before, but it doesn't work.
(15:29:39) kr: _ch_: could you paste the lines the defining the "has" method as well as the line creating the TreeNodeCheckBox ?
(15:29:47) _ch_: kr:Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Uncompilable source code - cannot have return value for a void method at ooom12n.ConfigureWindow.createTree(
(15:29:47) _ch_: at ooom12n.ConfigureWindow.<init>(
(15:29:47) _ch_: at ooom12n.test.<init>(
(15:29:47) _ch_: at ooom12n.test.main(
(15:29:47) _ch_: Java Result: 1
(15:30:14) kr: _ch_: could you paste the lines the defining the "has" method as well as the line creating the TreeNodeCheckBox ?
(15:31:48) _ch_: kr: yes, I can.
(15:32:16) _ch_: all: I am sorry, I have to leave at present .
(15:33:59) _ch_: kr: I will upload the code, and adjusted it later, :)
(15:33:59) kr: by the way, I am on vacation the next two weeks - it's summer time here :)
(15:34:08) kr: _ch_: fine
(15:34:10) liutao: ok
(15:34:24) liutao: kr: When will you come back?
(15:35:10) kr: I all be back the 27th
(15:35:18) kr: I mean: I'll be back the 27th
(15:36:37) liutao: OK.have a good vacation.
(15:37:50) liutao: By the way. did you watch the world cup games? Germany play a good game.:)
(15:39:04) kr: Indeed I did, I feared the game to be tight, but it was an awesome win :)
(15:39:43) kr: ... it may be possible that we win the world cup now :)
(15:40:02) liutao: :)
(15:41:53) liutao: Do you have something to talk about?
(15:43:12) kr: I don't have anything for today
(15:43:27) kr: let's talk again in three weeks
(15:43:36) liutao: seems _ch_ already leave
(15:43:45) liutao: OK,see you and have a good vacation.
(15:43:53) kr: thanks :) bye for now
(15:44:07) liutao: byebye

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