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(15:03:06) kr: good afternoon cynthia
(15:03:39) _ch_: good morning Kay!
(15:03:40) _ch_: :)
(15:04:23) kr: ingo is not available today
(15:05:02) kr: just merged the wiki pages and uploaded a new mockup (
(15:05:44) _ch_: I have just finished some part of system switches last week.
(15:06:27) _ch_: not finished yet. and shall I waiting for our new UI, or just go on?
(15:06:50) kr: just go on - do you have some screenshots or similar ?
(15:07:32) _ch_: I have not prepared the screenshot this time,
(15:08:08) kr: may be you can do so and send it to the mailing lists ?
(15:08:35) kr: by the way, seems that we are only the two of us today ;)
(15:09:22) _ch_: yes, I am afraid . :)
(15:10:05) _ch_: I have a little changed the UI, and have a screenshot not contain the system-switches,
(15:10:13) _ch_: do you want to have a see ?
(15:10:20) kr: yes !
(15:10:36) _ch_: please wait for a minute. :)
(15:14:46) kr: hi xudh, good afternoon
(15:14:56) xudh: kr,goog morning
(15:16:13) kr: xudh: cynthia just send a screenshot to me with the latest configuration stuff
(15:16:56) kr: _ch_: looks pretty good :-)
(15:17:08) _ch_: kr: thanks!
(15:17:09) kr: _ch_: could I click on "bash" and change it e.g. to tcsh ?
(15:17:20) _ch_: kr: yes.
(15:17:26) kr: _ch_: great !
(15:17:40) kr: _ch_: which are the options you plan to work on next ?
(15:18:14) xudh: cynthia,give me the screenshot
(15:18:28) xudh: cynthia,ok?
(15:19:06) _ch_: dh: just done. please check! :)
(15:19:31) _ch_: kr: do you mean after add the system related switches?
(15:20:24) kr: _ch_: I mean including the system related switches :)
(15:22:00) _ch_: kr: I want to finish the system related switches, and I hope to upload it into our cws,
(15:22:36) kr: _ch_: good !
(15:23:03) kr: xudh: just merged the wiki pages and uploaded a new mockup (
(15:23:33) _ch_: kr: because I hope you will do me a favor to adjust the source, as I am not good at java at present, though seems have learned a very long time.
(15:24:00) kr: I tried to incorporate last weeks feedback, the new mockup has separate windows for every repository
(15:24:35) kr: _ch_: I do, just give me a hint how to start / use the options stuff
(15:25:26) kr: what's missing is a kind of a "root" window, to select the first repository, I though of having it list the official OOo repositories
(15:25:36) xudh: kr,ok,i will have a look.thank you
(15:25:57) kr: ... and I added support for managing installations (install, alter, remove)
(15:27:47) _ch_: kr: thank you. :) and do you mean how to use the controls of the UI I have sent ?
(15:28:32) kr: _ch_: just meant to know what the "main" class of your code is :)
(15:30:03) _ch_: kr: public class ConfigureWindow extends JFrame implements ActionListener
(15:30:17) kr: OK, thank you
(15:30:48) _ch_: kr: you are welcome. :)
(15:31:24) _ch_: kr: the splited tabs look good!
(15:32:39) kr: the idea is, to have a "root" window which lists all the available OOo repositories ...
(15:33:11) kr: if there is an installation set available, you may directly install a matching OOo version ...
(15:33:42) kr: you may as well clone the remote repository to a local device ...
(15:34:07) kr: the clone may than be configured, updated, build and installed
(15:35:03) kr: I think this is pretty much the complete functionality we need
(15:35:35) kr: ... and we can refine the software architecture in the next step (of course if everyone is satisfied with GUI)
(15:39:42) _ch_: kr: I think it is cool.
(15:40:28) kr: _ch_: thanks :)
(15:43:49) _ch_: kr: I am afraid I could finish the system related systems 25 this month, because I will have vacation for a week. :)
(15:44:18) kr: _ch_: no problem, enjoy your vacation !
(15:44:49) _ch_: kr: it is Chinese traditional festerval :The Dragon Boat Festival :)
(15:45:36) _ch_: dh: how about you?
(15:46:27) xudh: _ch_:i will go home :-P
(15:46:54) _ch_: kr: and it becomes to be our national holiday, so we all canot join the meeting next week. :)
(15:47:21) _ch_: dh: good, I will go to QingDao,too. :)
(15:47:44) xudh: _ch_,welcome
(15:48:14) xudh: kr:welcome to QingDao
(15:52:00) _ch_: do we have anything else discuss today?
(15:52:48) kr: xudh: thanks, may take a while ;)
(15:53:12) kr: I think we don't have anything else for today - enjoy your vacations :)
(15:53:29) _ch_: kr: thank you .
(15:54:40) kr: see you in two weeks :)
(15:54:44) kr: bye for now
(15:54:50) _ch_: and see you then . :)
(15:55:00) xudh: bye

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