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Conversation with #ooom12n at 2009年12月01日 星期二 15时31分06秒 on (irc)
(15时39分21秒) Gallomimia: ch is here
(15时50分51秒) _ch_: hi,
(15时51分17秒) _ch_: Gallomimia: :)
(15时54分41秒) kr [n=Kay@nat/sun/x-rswwgbsfnkgldqgu] 进入了聊天室。
(15时57分36秒) Gallomimia: kr made it :)
(15时58分57秒) kr: good morning, good afternoon, good night :-)
(15时59分21秒) _ch_: hi, Kay! Good morning! :)
(15时59分28秒) liutao: good morning
(15时59分40秒) kr: let's wait for Ingo
(15时59分58秒) Gallomimia: someone other than me should likely hold the op hat
(16时01分15秒) kr: Gallomimia: just assign it to anybody convenient :)
(16时01分30秒) is_ [n=is@nat/sun/x-dnisisbnvrvpwefq] 进入了聊天室。
(16时01分48秒) is_: good morning and good afternoon :-)
(16时01分57秒) #ooom12n: 由 Gallomimia 管理(+o kr )
(16时02分01秒) #ooom12n: 由 Gallomimia 管理(-o Gallomimia )
(16时02分09秒) Gallomimia: thanks for volunteering kr :D
(16时02分36秒) liutao: good morning
(16时02分49秒) Gallomimia: bah you guys are all in euro time :P
(16时02分52秒) Gallomimia: it's midnight here..
(16时03分15秒) kr: do we need to wait for xiuzhi?
(16时03分50秒) liutao: no,I think he can not join us.
(16时04分38秒) Gallomimia: does ivo attend these meetings often? i mailed him but there was no response
(16时05分23秒) kr: Gallomimia: did he participate last week? typically he is later in the office than sooner
(16时05分49秒) is_: gallomimia: But he told me about your long mail.
(16时05分57秒) Gallomimia: lol
(16时06分12秒) Gallomimia: well when he gets time to respond :)
(16时06分49秒) is_: gallomimia: He had to organize it, because you asked some questions about the installer. But Ivo has nothing to do with the installer. His project is the language pack modularization.
(16时07分08秒) is_: gallomimia: But I am sure, that he will answer soon.
(16时07分23秒) Gallomimia: alright well the parts he has nothing to do with i can gather information from other sources
(16时08分02秒) is_: gallomimia: all installer questions you should ask me
(16时08分39秒) Gallomimia: alright. well i'll check out the source this week and give it a look-see
(16时11分12秒) is_: Okay, but today it is time for the modularization project.
(16时11分59秒) kr: so, what was the topic last week?
(16时12分50秒) is_: Last week we discussed about installation issues and Cynthias experiences with extensions.
(16时13分13秒) is_: _ch_: Anything new, Cynthia?
(16时13分29秒) _ch_: is_: and I still not get the information about how to resolve the problem.
(16时13分59秒) is_: No one answered on the newsgroup?
(16时14分40秒) _ch_: is_: no answer
(16时15分11秒) kr: _ch_: what's the problem?
(16时15分28秒) _ch_: kr: I have made a .oxt extension.
(16时15分47秒) _ch_: kr: for docbook
(16时16分11秒) _ch_: kr: it doesn't work to save as docbook file format
(16时16分29秒) kr: _ch_: what's going wrong?
(16时16分33秒) _ch_: kr: but the Extension manager can enable/disable it.
(16时17分40秒) kr: _ch_: that means, that were able to successfully install the extension, right?
(16时18分55秒) _ch_: with a messagebox: "Error saving the document Untitled1:Write Error. The file could not be written."
(16时19分04秒) _ch_: kr: I think so. but not sure.
(16时20分01秒) Gallomimia: hm. this could be many things. can i try the extension and see if the result is the same?
(16时20分55秒) kr: _ch_: could you give us access to the extension? may be by uploading it to the wiki?
(16时21分20秒) kr: _ch_: is there any debug output on the console you started the office from?
(16时21分27秒) _ch_: kr: OK. I will do it later.
(16时21分57秒) _ch_: kr: sorry, I have not noticed it.
(16时22分49秒) kr: _ch_: sometimes, though it likely shouldn't, the office dumps something on the console which can help to debug an issue :)
(16时25分19秒) _ch_: kr: the version is not debug one.
(16时26分47秒) Gallomimia: alright. so we'll all look at the plugin and see if we reproduce the problem
(16时27分13秒) _ch_: kr: and I have just test it. there is no error information on the console. :)
(16时27分46秒) kr: _ch_: I see, you may want to try strace or similar, to see what office actually does while trying to save the file, I wouldn't be surprised, if the office just doesn't find the xslt ...
(16时28分28秒) kr: _ch_: strace soffice.bin |& grep open (I know that can be expressed more elegantly, but you get what I mean :-)
(16时31分43秒) kr: did we have any progress with the build wizard?
(16时32分03秒) liutao: No progress I think
(16时33分20秒) kr: I see, have to admit that I did not continue on the mercurial parts either, so hopefully will have that finished by next week
(16时33分51秒) liutao: hopefully.:)
(16时34分22秒) kr: :)
(16时34分38秒) kr: anything else we want to address / discuss today?
(16时36分26秒) liutao: I have no.
(16时36分57秒) is_: Nothing from me
(16时37分04秒) _ch_: kr: I can't get any information on console
(16时37分26秒) _ch_: kr: can't save it , even unchanged the title.
(16时38分18秒) kr: _ch_: you may want to try the "strace" thing, just to ensure that it not a path / file not found problem
(16时40分52秒) _ch_: kr: I use : strace ./soffice
(16时41分04秒) _ch_: kr: and get some information,
(16时41分27秒) _ch_: kr: when I do the "save as" , there is no more information.
(16时41分46秒) _ch_: kr: sorry, not say it clearly. :)
(16时43分02秒) kr: _ch_: ./soffice is just a shell script, you may want to directly execute the binary (soffice.bin), or call strace with the "-f" option, which means that it should follow any forks
(16时45分18秒) _ch_: kr: cool! I get the information.:)
(16时48分39秒) _ch_: kr: and, I have nothing to ask, at present. :)
(16时49分49秒) kr: ok, so let's talk again next week :)
(16时51分30秒) Gallomimia: I'll see you guys then :)
(16时51分44秒) _ch_: see you , then . Have a nice day! :)
(16时51分51秒) Gallomimia: is_: can i ask you real quick for some info on the java installer?
(16时52分14秒) is_: gallomimia: yes, no problem.
(16时52分20秒) Gallomimia: first question
(16时52分27秒) Gallomimia: what platforms does it currently serve
(16时52分43秒) is_: Windows, Solaris and Linux rpm
(16时53分01秒) is_: Sorry, Windows is still planned.
(16时54分42秒) Gallomimia: alright cool. i think it would be pointless for me to ask more questions until i read more about it. it's got a wiki page of some sorts?
(16时54分51秒) Gallomimia: uh, it's under installation project?
(16时55分56秒) is_: Yes, there is something to see at, but it might be a little bit old. I suggest, that you send me a mail or make some tests with it, if you have a Linux environment.
(16时57分39秒) Gallomimia: hm. i'm running a mac actually. probably can't drum up a linux environment for this right now.
(16时57分44秒) Gallomimia: i'll read everything i can about it
(16时58分26秒) is_: okay, do not hesitate to ask me if you have questions.
(16时58分48秒) Gallomimia: okay. remind me your email address please?
(16时59分02秒) is_:
(16时59分10秒) Gallomimia: short and sweet :)
(16时59分41秒) Gallomimia: anyway, tell ivo sorry for writing him a novel :)
(17时00分47秒) is_: no problem, he should be able to filter it :-)
(17时02分50秒) is_: So, thats it for today?
(17时03分51秒) is_: Then I say good evening and good night ;-)
(17时04分05秒) Gallomimia: g'night
(17时04分33秒) kr: ok, have a nice week, bye :-)
(17时05分52秒) kr 离开了聊天室(quit: "Ex-Chat")。
(17时07分49秒) is_ 离开了聊天室("Leaving")。

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