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Conversation with #ooom12n at 2009年11月17日 星期二 15时45分05秒 on (irc)
(16时01分01秒) is_ [n=is@nat/sun/x-gjbtdcsgeraeulcm] 进入了聊天室。
(16时01分20秒) is_: Good afternoon :-)
(16时01分51秒) liutao: is_:good morning
(16时03分02秒) _ch_: Good morning, Ingo! :)
(16时05分43秒) kr [n=Kay@nat/sun/x-eyyqbiechobucgii] 进入了聊天室。
(16时05分54秒) liutao: good morning kr
(16时06分09秒) kr: good afternoon - sorry for being later - had problems connecting to freenode ;)
(16时06分27秒) liutao: no problem
(16时06分30秒) is_: good morning, Kay
(16时06分37秒) liutao: :)
(16时06分44秒) _ch_: kr: Good Morning. :)
(16时07分03秒) kr: _ch_: good morning :)
(16时09分07秒) _ch_: thanks to WuYan, I have resolved the problem, last week. :)
(16时09分47秒) kr: _ch_: means, the docbook filter is not listed in the dialog anymore, right?
(16时09分48秒) _ch_: I am learning how to write extension, now. And I don't have anything to ask at present. :)
(16时09分54秒) _ch_: kr: yes. :)
(16时10分04秒) kr: _ch_: good!
(16时11分03秒) kr: I have to admit, I only briefly looked into the source code module for the build wizard, I also thought integrating it directly into netbeans, e.g. netbeans already has a mercurial module ...
(16时11分36秒) liutao: I added the project info into the CVS. I think build_wizard is buildable when download it.
(16时12分10秒) kr: ... unfortunately I couldn't find any (usable) mercurial java API, so I am going to quickly implement something :)
(16时12分40秒) kr: liutao: good! So, I can just check it out, open the project file and build it, right?
(16时13分01秒) liutao: kr:yes
(16时13分35秒) _ch_: liutao: good job! :)
(16时16分10秒) is_: liutao: So now you can search and write Windows registry entries and analyze the Windows environment?
(16时18分29秒) liutao: is_: yes.the build wizard is only analyze JAVA tools in Windows environment.
(16时19分52秒) is_: liutao: So you succeded in using JNI for this? That is fine to hear.
(16时22分44秒) liutao: is_:oh,you told me the way to modify a file and check the signed. It works,I think.
(16时27分17秒) liutao: do you have idea that what should we do in next step?
(16时27分50秒) kr: ... there are some steps ...
(16时28分02秒) kr: ... checkout the source - this is what I am going to to ...
(16时28分11秒) kr: ... configure the source is another step ...
(16时28分33秒) kr: ... starting the build again another one ...
(16时28分52秒) kr: ... and may be finally triggering an installation, though this is optional
(16时38分19秒) kr: do we have anything else for today?
(16时38分49秒) liutao: I have no to say.
(16时39分09秒) _ch_: kr: I don't . :)
(16时39分27秒) is_: I have nothing more
(16时39分58秒) kr: ok, so let's talk again next week :) bye bye
(16时40分13秒) is_: good bye
(16时40分17秒) liutao: bye
(16时40分24秒) _ch_: bye, all. :)
(16时40分45秒) is_ 离开了聊天室("Leaving")。
(16时40分48秒) liutao 离开了聊天室。
(16时41分00秒) kr 离开了聊天室(quit: "Ex-Chat")。

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