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Conversation with #ooom12n at 2009年09月29日 星期二 14时01分33秒 on (irc)
(14时01分33秒) #ooom12n: 由 管理(+ns )
(14时21分54秒) liutao [n=liutao@] 进入了聊天室。
(15时01分05秒) is_ [n=is@nat/sun/x-vnlfveevyzqgvdux] 进入了聊天室。
(15时01分41秒) is_: Good evening all. Liutao, you are back again :-)
(15时01分58秒) liutao: is_:good morning.
(15时02分25秒) liutao: yes,I am back. I leave redflag.but I will go on to do this.:)
(15时03分00秒) is_: That is fine. Your new company also works at OpenOffice ?
(15时03分29秒) liutao: OpenSource include openoffice
(15时04分24秒) liutao: Kay will join us today?
(15时04分29秒) is_: And xiuzhi is at the same company
(15时05分03秒) is_: Kay just informed me, that he cannot take part today because of some meetings.
(15时05分11秒) liutao: yes.He is also my lead.and he have a meeting now so he can not join us today.
(15时05分21秒) _ch_: hi, all.:)
(15时05分30秒) liutao: same reason.
(15时05分59秒) is_: Hi Cynthia, you are still working for redflag ;-) ?
(15时06分14秒) _ch_: is_: yes, I am. :)
(15时06分41秒) _ch_: so we have more members join us . ;)
(15时06分44秒) is_: In the following two weeks Kay will not be in the office, so he will not take part for three weeks.
(15时07分10秒) _ch_: is_: and I will out of office two weeks , too. :)
(15时07分44秒) is_: _ch_: More members to join us? You mean Liutao and xiuzhi or new redflag members?
(15时08分55秒) is_: _ch_: You are also two weeks out of office? So there are not many people here today and in the following two weeks.
(15时08分56秒) _ch_: is_: both. but we will have new java developer in our project , but not fixed the time .
(15时09分31秒) liutao: is_: it doesn't matter. you know the day after tomorrow is the 60th national days.we have a 8 days holiday.
(15时09分33秒) is_: _ch_: Ah, a new Java developer, that sounds promising.
(15时09分41秒) _ch_: is_: and I have sent you a mail this morning.  :)
(15时10分30秒) liutao: It's great that we have some new members.
(15时11分06秒) _ch_: yes. I think so. but we are busy recently, so maybe have to wait for a while . :)
(15时11分37秒) is_: _ch_: Yes, I read your mail 10 minutes ago. I will need some more time to analyze your suggestions. I know, that some people here at Sun have similar targets because of the change to the DSCM. I think, I will show them your proposal, okay?
(15时12分14秒) _ch_: is_: thank you . :)
(15时13分06秒) is_: _ch_: We should not do the same work twice. And with the change to the DSCM there will be many changes in the repository.
(15时14分03秒) is_: Perhaps some of these guys can take part at our meeting, too.
(15时14分43秒) liutao: Great,I think xiuzhi will join us next time.
(15时14分49秒) _ch_: is_: that's great. could you give me the link of the information?
(15时16分16秒) is_: _ch_: I will give you, as soon as I know, where the information is located.
(15时16分27秒) _ch_: is_: thank you . :)
(15时18分18秒) is_: Ah just found infos about the build environment:
(15时19分04秒) is_: Understanding you correctly, you all have holidays the next Tuesday?
(15时19分26秒) liutao: yes
(15时19分27秒) _ch_: yes,
(15时20分03秒) is_: But in two weeks only Cynthia is missing?
(15时20分55秒) is_: And Kay is also missing
(15时22分17秒) is_: So, the question is, if we should meet again in three weeks?
(15时22分56秒) _ch_: is_: I will be ok. :)
(15时23分35秒) liutao: I will be ok
(15时23分46秒) is_: Perhaps we then have more information about the new modularization in the DSCM and the new Java developer from redflag
(15时24分00秒) _ch_: is_: I hope. : )
(15时24分09秒) liutao: hopefully
(15时24分21秒) is_: By the way, is someone of you coming to the OpenOffice conference in Italy?
(15时24分58秒) _ch_: is_: I am not . :(
(15时25分52秒) liutao: no for me.some guys of redflag will go there.
(15时26分51秒) _ch_: is_: I hope I could join OpenOffice conference again some time . :)
(15时27分27秒) is_: That's a pity, but it is a long journey for you. Unfortunately I was not in Beijing last year. But this year I will make a presentation about changes in the installation process.
(15时28分11秒) _ch_: is_: I hope to "see" your presentation on the web. : )
(15时28分33秒) is_: Yes, it will be available of course :-)
(15时29分08秒) _ch_: is_:  :)
(15时29分46秒) is_: So, from my point of view, it is not clear how to proceed yet. I will inform you about the changes from our DSCM group and hopefully we can discuss this in three weeks with more people.
(15时30分29秒) _ch_: is_: I am looking forward to seeing you all in three weeks. :)
(15时30分29秒) liutao: :)
(15时31分07秒) is_: So, that is all for today? Then I am also looking forward to see you in three weeks :-)
(15时31分34秒) liutao: OK,me too.
(15时31分38秒) _ch_: OK. :)
(15时31分50秒) is_: Then have a nice evening. Good bye.
(15时32分10秒) liutao: have a good day
(15时32分10秒) liutao: byebye
(15时32分37秒) _ch_: See you then.
(15时37分25秒) liutao 离开了聊天室。

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