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涓?#ooom12n 鐨勮皥璇?/h1>
(14:46:59) 鐢? 绠$悊
(+ns )
(14:54:13) _ch_ [n=Administ@] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(15:01:09) is_ [n=is@nat/sun/x-42e318f756c27b9c] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(15:01:26) liutao: morning
(15:01:43) is_: good morning and good afternoon
(15:01:45) liutao: xiuzhi and kay can not join us today.
(15:01:53) liutao: so let's start.
(15:01:58) is_: so we are already complete
(15:02:19) is_: yes, let us start please
(15:02:38) is_: do we have an agenda?
(15:02:43) liutao: no.
(15:03:05) liutao: I just implement the download feature.
(15:03:27) is_: ah, that is good. Were you successful?
(15:03:51) liutao: the build helper can download a file in web.but I have so many questions want to ask you.
(15:04:23) is_: so please ask, I hope I can help.
(15:05:16) is_: by the way, you can always write a mail, if you have questions.
(15:07:09) liutao: 1.I don't think it is the right way to download files in web is a good choice.
(15:07:09) liutao: 1.1 the source code are so many files or a tarball that are very the progrom that I implement is not so good.
(15:07:09) liutao: 1.2 I want to implement like this:
(Windows system) click the download button, then a tools start. like cgywin.
(15:07:25) liutao: I want to implement like this
(Windows system) click the download button, then a tools start. like cgywin.
(15:07:53) liutao: Then use the batch program to finish download.
(15:08:33) liutao: is_:OK,I will write email when I need help :)
(15:09:30) is_: So, my first question, what is the main problem for downloading the files? Does it take to much time? Or is it too unstable?
(15:11:54) liutao: if it is a tarball,I think it is no problem.but there are no suitable tarball which we needed can be download
(because we selected different features.).
(15:13:21) is_: ah, yes, we would require different tarballs for the different selected features. Or the tarballs need to be created dynamically. Sounds not like a good idea. What is the advantage of the batch program?
(15:13:27) liutao: with regard to download the source files. so many files should be download. we also need a download tools like cvs.
(15:15:30) is_: and what is the advantage of the batch program?
(15:17:08) liutao: I have no detail idea of the advantage of the batch program. I think it is like this: when we start to download files: a dictionary; the download button;3.the cgywin start ,then input command automaticly
(like cvs co ...)
(15:18:42) is_: at point 2. only the requirements for the cygwin shell are downloaded? and in step three all required modules are checked out. Yes, that sounds good.
(15:19:49) is_: It can be better adapted to the feature selection.
(15:21:51) liutao: is_: my puzzle is how to control the download. if we use the cygwin shell command ,seems all the modules are checked out but not required.
(15:22:21) liutao: oh
(15:22:42) is_: oh?
(15:23:11) liutao: yes,all required modules can be checked out.
(15:23:46) is_: in a first step, it is okay, if all modules are checked out. Improvements can be done later.
(15:24:07) liutao: yes.
(15:24:14) is_: I suppose, that there are not so many modules, that can be ignored with the feature selection.
(15:24:49) liutao: +1
(15:25:00) is_: As I know our monolithic office, nearly all modules are always required, unfortunately.
(15:25:22) liutao: ha ha
(15:25:49) is_: But perhaps we can improve this situation with this project :-)
(15:26:00) liutao: :)
(15:26:39) liutao: so, do you think the batch program in windows system is a good idea to implement the download part?
(15:27:17) liutao: if it is. I will to study how to implement it.
(15:27:38) is_: Can this batch program be started from the Build helper? We should include the full functionality in this wizard.
(15:28:29) liutao: yes,Of course. I plan to start the batch program from the Build helper.
(15:28:59) is_: then it seems to be a very good idea :-)
(15:29:46) is_: It is much more flexible concerning the feature selection and uses the features of the version control system. Sounds really good.
(15:30:09) is_: How about the performance? You already have an idea?
(15:30:46) liutao: no,I have no idea
(15:31:23) is_: So I am very interested in your first results.
(15:32:59) is_: do you have further questions?
(15:33:12) liutao: is_:Thank you, I just have this idea and really don't know if it can be implement. I will try my best.I will write email to you when I face problems.
(15:33:34) liutao: is_:no.
(15:34:03) is_: So, have good ideas for your project :-)
(15:34:22) is_: By the way, last week I heard about the project Hudson. Do you know it?
(15:34:42) liutao: I don't know
(15:35:07) is_: Perhaps you can find the time to take a look at it, to get some inspirations.
(15:35:36) liutao: I only konw it is a company
(15:35:51) liutao: OK, I will take a look at it.
(15:36:04) is_: It is tool for automatization of builds, written in Java.
(15:36:27) is_: A collegue introduced it for one of our smaller projects.
(15:36:56) is_: And it especially supports agile programming styles.
(15:37:21) liutao: automatization of builds?a different version of build helper?
(15:37:51) liutao: automatization of builds -- agile programming styles sounds interesting.
(15:38:15) is_: I do not know its limitations. Probably it is not suited for a big program like OpenOffice.
(15:38:38) is_: And I do think, that modularization is not supported.
(15:38:49) liutao: is_::)
(15:38:57) is_: and modularization is our main aim.
(15:39:01) liutao: yes
(15:39:31) is_: But you can adapt it with ant. Therefore I do not know, how flexible it is.
(15:40:00) liutao: OK
(15:40:40) is_: I think, you should take a deep look at it. Perhaps it can help you in many ways, or show you, how the problems, like download, are solved.
(15:41:16) liutao: Thank you tell me these things.I will do it.
(15:41:34) is_: and we have an expert for this program, who created already projects with Hudson.
(15:41:50) liutao: :)
(15:42:34) is_: So, I have no further questions for today.
(15:42:56) liutao: _ch_?
(15:43:14) liutao: btw,I can not join the IRC meeting next Tuesday.
(15:43:19) _ch_: hi, I don't have any questions at present. :)
(15:43:53) _ch_: after I doing the next step, this week, I may need your help. ;)
(15:44:00) is_: How about xiuzhi next Tuesday?
(15:44:54) liutao: is_:I don't know.I will go to another city this Friday. I don't know if I can come back next Tuesday.
(15:46:06) is_: liutao: Yes, you are not there next Tuesday. I asked for xiuzhi. Will he take part next Tuesday. Or did he leave this meeting?
(15:46:20) liutao: OK
(15:46:56) is_: Then I would suppose, that our next meeting is Tuesday in 14 days.
(15:47:43) _ch_: is_: +1
(15:48:12) liutao: OK.
(15:48:39) liutao: so,close the meeting today?I will write email to you when I face problems.:)
(15:49:46) is_: okay, very good. Next meeting in 14 days. Then have a nice evening.
(15:50:11) _ch_: is_: have a nice day! :)
(15:50:17) liutao: is_:thank you. have a nice day.
(15:50:19) liutao: bye
(15:50:27) is_: bye

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