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涓?#ooom12n 鐨勮皥璇?/h1>
(15:00:40) is_ [n=is@nat/sun/x-caddecf830248d56] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(15:01:06) is_: Hello and good afternoon
(15:01:10) liutao: Hello
(15:01:43) _ch_: hello, is_!
(15:01:56) liutao: xiuzhi sent mail to you, he can not join us today.
(15:02:37) kr [n=Kay@nat/sun/x-72d378e9817d3069] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(15:02:55) is_: I did not get a mail from xiuzhi, but good to know
(15:03:47) liutao: kr: morning. long time no see.
(15:03:58) liutao: kr:xiuzhi sent mail to you, he can not join us today.
(15:04:45) _ch_: morning kr!
(15:04:45) kr: liutao: hi Liutao, just read xiuzhis mail
(15:05:00) kr: _ch_: good afternoon Cynthia :-)
(15:06:05) liutao: Kr:do you have agenda?
(15:06:59) kr: ... unfortunately not, though Ingo explained to me, that it is not so easy to get the build helper running on windows, because of reading the registry ...
(15:07:18) kr: ... we may want to dive into this a bit
(15:07:29) liutao: kr: I told ingo last week. I have uploaded the source code into cvs last week and can not find good way to implement it using java web start.
(15:07:30) liutao: yes
(15:08:53) liutao: kr:I am doing the download part this week,near to implement but have some problems.
(15:09:38) is_: liutao: you still have the problems with the native library?
(15:09:40) kr: liutao: ... what about focusing on Linux first? Or may be one has to enter the paths to the tools by hand? We may want to automate that later on
(15:10:08) kr: liutao: ... I see, any details?
(15:10:33) liutao: is_:yes.I didn't spend much time to solve it.because I have no idea.
(15:12:08) is_: liutao: I read a little about it. Did you use the <nativelib ...> elements, that specifies the jar file with the native libs.
(15:12:52) is_: liutao: Another problem could be the security. In secure sandboxes, no native libraries may be used.
(15:12:56) kr: is_: ... just stumbled over "nativelib" as well :)
(15:13:44) liutao: kr:I perfer to enter the paths to the tools by hand. then the most important things is to implement the download part and compile part.
(15:14:30) kr: liutao: agreed! Most important IMHO is, that we get the "stack" running, means the build wizard would work - top to bottom :)
(15:14:52) kr: liutao: ... any optimizations or automatics may be added later
(15:14:53) is_: liutao: Perhpas you can try the <security> element with <all-permissions>. That are some points I found in the Web Start documentation.
(15:15:29) liutao: is_:yes.
(15:16:54) is_: liutao: But as we said last week, analyzing the Windows registry is not the most important todo.
(15:17:56) liutao: is_:native library is still a problem that need to solve.but I don't want to solve it right now.I want to implement the download part and compile part.then to solve it.I am doing the download part now.
(15:19:02) liutao: is_:If it works in my local computer.I think it near to works in web start.
(15:19:23) is_: liutao: that sound reasonable. I should also be no problem to convert the "standard" application into a WebStart application.
(15:21:49) kr: sounds good from my point of view as well!
(15:22:03) liutao: kr::)
(15:22:30) kr: :)
(15:24:56) liutao: anything more?
(15:25:21) kr: are there other implementation hurdles we may need to discuss?
(15:27:11) liutao: konw I am learning and developing JAVA application.
(15:27:15) liutao: :)
(15:27:41) kr: liutao: hope you are having some fun :)
(15:28:10) kr: ... by the way, I am on vacation the next two weeks
(first week in Denmark :)
(15:28:34) kr: ... so I am unlikely to join our IRC ;)
(15:28:40) liutao: kr:Thank you.I will try my best.I am busy recently.
(15:29:02) liutao: kr:I also have to help xiuzhi to do something.
(15:29:20) liutao: kr:sounds good.
(15:29:30) liutao: kr:have a nice trip.
(15:29:32) kr: liutao: ... anything that would be of interest for us?
(15:32:08) liutao: kr:what's your mean?
(15:32:35) kr: ... if nobody has anything to discuss, I suggest to close the meeting for today
(15:32:47) liutao: OK.
(15:32:53) is_: OK.
(15:32:59) kr: liutao: just was a bit curious what you are going to help xiuzhi with :)
(15:33:41) liutao: kr:extend OpenOffice in China...
(15:33:44) liutao: :)
(15:34:02) kr: liutao: good to hear that :)
(15:34:23) kr: ok, going to talk to you in two weeks ...
(15:34:23) is_: liutao: that souns really good :-)
(15:34:30) liutao: Thank you.
(15:34:34) kr: ... bye for today
(15:34:38) liutao: bye.
(15:34:48) is_: good bye
(15:34:56) _ch_: good bye .all :)

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