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(15:00:02) xiuzhi: hi all
(15:00:16) is_: hi xiuzhi, good afternoon
(15:00:27) liutao: Hello all
(15:01:07) xiuzhi: is_: moin
(15:01:20) xiuzhi: kr: moin
(15:01:30) _ch_: hi, all. :)
(15:01:37) is_: moin is funny :-) hello all
(15:01:55) kr: good morning and good afternoon
(15:03:28) liutao: Agenda
(15:03:28) liutao: 1.Status of our project
(15:03:28) liutao: 2.Spec. of build helper
(15:03:28) liutao: 3.Open discussion
(15:03:28) liutao: .
(15:03:42) liutao: 1.Status of our project
(15:03:43) liutao: .
(15:04:04) kr: did everybody see the brand new modularization incubator :)
(15:04:14) liutao: haha
(15:04:27) liutao: :)
(15:04:46) is_: of course :)
(15:05:48) xiuzhi: kr:yes. but there is only your name diplayed on the project page. How to show liutao name ?
(15:06:08) kr: ... which page? Incubators?
(15:06:31) xiuzhi: kr:icubators projects,yes
(15:06:42) kr: xiuzhi: ... taking a look ...
(15:08:09) kr: xiuzhi: ... I see, it only lists leads ...
(15:08:46) kr: liutao: do we both want to be leads? Or the three (four) of us?
(15:08:59) kr: I am fine with everything
(15:09:38) liutao: kr:ok for me:)
(15:10:43) liutao: kr:we both to be leads.
(15:11:02) kr: if I get it right, that means: Leads: LiuTao and Kay , co-leads: Cynthia, Xiuzhi, Ingo, right?
(15:11:31) xiuzhi: kr: too many people, IMHO
(15:12:07) xiuzhi: all are leads ,haha
(15:12:19) kr: xiuzhi: Other suggestions? I don't need to be the lead, AFAIR you asked me to be
(15:13:08) xiuzhi: kr: you and liutao, I prefer both can be seen on the incubator page
(15:14:05) xiuzhi: kr: Two co-leads is enough
(15:14:38) xiuzhi: kr: sorry. two leads is enough
(15:14:50) kr: next suggestion: Leads: LiuTao and Kay , co-leads: Cynthia, Ingo ?
(15:14:51) xiuzhi: kr: no co-leads
(15:15:19) kr: xiuzhi: I see, no co-leads, fine for everybody?
(15:15:42) liutao: +1
(15:15:49) is_: +1
(15:15:53) _ch_: +1
(15:16:39) kr: ok, I change that accordingly :) Ma need to ask Louis for the other page
(15:17:05) kr: though I give project ownership to all of us
(15:17:38) xiuzhi: that's fine.
(15:17:46) liutao: OK,It's time to build our project page.
(15:19:20) liutao: kr:do I have the right to edit the project?
(15:19:30) liutao: page?
(15:19:49) kr: liutao: yes, certainly
(15:20:21) liutao: OK, I will update it.
(15:20:23) liutao: .
(15:20:25) liutao: 2.Spec. of build helper
(15:20:25) liutao: .
(15:22:12) xiuzhi: just fowarded the Spec to you
(15:22:38) xiuzhi: kr,is_: please check your email. _ch_ forgot cc to you
(15:23:01) kr: xiuzhi: doing so ...
(15:23:22) is_: still waiting ...
(15:24:21) xiuzhi: the ideas is : page1. download sources .page2:check the OOo building tools 3. configure switches
(15:25:11) kr: mmmhhh, I think I would change the order ...
(15:25:34) xiuzhi: kr: did you receive the email?
(15:25:52) kr: ... you only need the sources necessary for the selected configure switches
(15:26:08) kr: xiuzhi: just received it
(15:27:41) xiuzhi: mmm, need it check the build tools at the first step?
(15:27:47) kr: xiuzhi: looks pretty!
(15:27:57) is_: xiuzhi: I got it, too
(15:28:26) xiuzhi: is_ :)
(15:28:30) kr: actually, the "configuration" determines what is needed wrt sources and prerequisites
(15:29:01) xiuzhi: move the first page to last one?
(15:29:15) kr: so, doing it other way around, we may ask for Java, while the user later may disable Java support at all, you get what I mean?
(15:29:42) xiuzhi: I see,
(15:30:08) xiuzhi: so. move configure to the first page?
(15:30:58) kr: I think page 3 may be the first
(15:32:23) kr: if we want to make it smart, we may even look for tools to be available, e.g. with Java, we would enable it, if we can find it, and disable it otherwise
(15:32:52) kr: same with ICU and all the 3rd party stuff, I think
(15:33:05) kr: other opinions?
(15:34:29) is_: The more smart the better. Perhaps the first page need to be splitted. Platform information is required early, but downlaod information later.
(15:34:45) xiuzhi: agree, but there are many switches, the switches related to 3rd party tools should be configured on the first page, the others can be seleted at the last step
(15:36:22) _ch_: kr: do you mean: first : do configure swtich stuff, then: check the tools of the system , and then download source?
(15:36:52) kr: _ch_: i think yes :)
(15:37:51) kr: _ch_: first the user "selects" the office variant to build, than we ensure that we optimally integrated into the users system, using all available 3rd party stuff ...
(15:38:42) kr: _ch_: than we download install the missing but necessary prerequisites ...
(15:39:02) kr: _ch_: and then we checkout the needed source modules
(15:39:07) kr: _ch_: reasonable?
(15:39:11) _ch_: kr: right.
(15:41:47) xiuzhi: download and install tools maybe need a long time, if we do it after finishing all of the configure , how to control the network problem before finish it? need the helper remember all of the configure switches?
(15:43:13) kr: xiuzhi: we may trigger the actual "configure" operation after we have collected the users input, I think
(15:43:53) liutao: kr:I have a question, if the configuration will be the first step, that means we must know which file belongs to which feature. We must selected files when we download it but not selected it when compile it.
(15:44:03) is_: xiuzhi: I think we need something like "Start download and install now". And after the download there has to be a success or failure dialog.
(15:44:26) xiuzhi: is_:yes.
(15:46:07) liutao: kr:We use SPC to contrl compile. does that mean we should use another thing to control download?
(15:46:09) kr: liutao: you are basically right, though later on, we may want to enable the user to just build (up to) the writer. For this we only the the sources (up to) of writer ...
(15:46:40) xiuzhi: is_: . I just want to give the links of tools in the first version. then next version we can make it smart.
(15:47:02) xiuzhi: kr: yes, that is a solution
(15:47:07) kr: liutao: ... all build dependencies of a particular module are listed in the prj/build.lst file ...
(15:47:58) is_: xiuzhi: Yes, this is a nice first version. I think, it should work like a typical installation wizard. 1. Welcome 2. Collecting all required information by dialogs and scripts and 3. Start to to something like a download.
(15:48:00) kr: liutao: ... a while ago I did write a little AWK script, which just checked out what was needed to build a particular CWS, I give the link in a minute ...
(15:49:05) kr: liutao: ... ...
(15:49:37) kr: liutao: ... unfortunately this only worked with CVS, did not find the time to adapt it to SVN ...
(15:50:01) kr: liutao: ... though we may want to keep it simple in the first iteration, and just check out
everything :)
(15:50:02) _ch1 [n=Cynthia@] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(15:50:15) xiuzhi: is_: my basic idea is that the helper only checks the tools, gives the user links of tools , ask user to install it by themself.
(15:50:22) _ch1: sorry for line off...:(
(15:51:28) kr: xiuzhi: we may want to do so in the first iteration ... and may refine it later on, this already gives us something useful in a short time
(15:51:48) xiuzhi: fine
(15:52:08) is_: xiuzhi: That are indead the most important steps. Make the source download can be added later
(15:52:33) liutao: OK , I See
(15:53:03) xiuzhi: is_: then we can improve the tool installation process
(15:53:12) xiuzhi: is_: agree
(15:53:37) is_: xiuzhi: yes, of course. keep it simple.
(15:54:37) kr: ... I think we have a plan, somebody wants to summarize?
(15:55:42) liutao: OK,let me summarize it.
(15:55:42) liutao: 1.config
(15:55:42) liutao: 2.check tools
(15:55:42) liutao: sources.
(15:56:58) kr: may be 2.5, help the user and list missing prerequisites
(15:57:11) liutao: :)
(15:57:21) kr: and give hints how to install them
(15:58:08) liutao: 0.config
(15:58:08) liutao: 1.check tools
(15:58:08) liutao: the user and list missing prerequisites and give hints how to install them.
(15:58:08) liutao: sources.
(15:58:08) liutao:
(15:58:19) kr: good summary liutao!
(15:58:29) liutao: 8-)
(15:58:53) kr: does everybody agree that this where we want to head?
(15:59:19) xiuzhi: agree
(15:59:27) liutao: agree
(15:59:33) is_: +1
(15:59:39) liutao: _ch_ +1
(15:59:46) kr: +1
(16:00:35) liutao: anything else about this meeting?
(16:01:01) xiuzhi: _ch_ will update the SPEC and send to all
(16:01:09) xiuzhi: tomorrow
(16:01:26) _ch_ 绂诲紑浜嗚亰澶╁(quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))銆?/font>
(16:01:43) kr: fine! looking forward to reading the specs and having our next meeting :)
(16:02:32) xiuzhi: kr: I do not finish the Qemu building ye
(16:02:43) xiuzhi: see you next week
(16:02:50) kr: xiuzhi: did anything go wrong?
(16:03:04) xiuzhi: kr: no. I am too busy last week
(16:03:25) xiuzhi: kr: the boss need many reports
(16:03:35) kr: xiuzhi: I see ... too much work for the little time we have
(16:04:21) kr: ok, seeing you next week ... by(t)e
(16:04:23) is_: Ah, for your Information. I will not be in the office for the next two weeks.
(16:04:26) xiuzhi: have a nice day, see you next week all
(16:04:45) xiuzhi: is_: really? see you next next next week
(16:05:13) is_: xiuzhi: yes, really, next next next week is true :)
(16:05:24) liutao: hahahaha
(16:05:31) liutao: Bye all
(16:05:33) xiuzhi: bye
(16:05:42) is_: bye all

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