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(14:45:26) _ch_ [n=Cynthia@] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(14:54:50) xiuzhi [n=xiuzhich@] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(15:09:14) kr_ [] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(15:09:26) kr_: good morning guys
(15:09:34) liutao: good morning
(15:09:36) xiuzhi: kr_:moin
(15:10:18) kr_: what's the agenda for today?
(15:11:08) xiuzhi: liutao: please
(15:11:37) liutao: 1. The WIKI page of modularization
(15:11:37) liutao: 2. the phototype of scp
(15:11:37) liutao: 3.the proposal of modularization project
(15:11:44) liutao: :)
(15:12:17) kr_: good, do we want to start with the wiki page?
(15:13:00) xiuzhi: kr_: 3->2->1?
(15:13:59) liutao: 3.the proposal of modularization project
(15:15:52) xiuzhi: kr_: Did you improve the proposal from liutao?
(15:16:23) liutao: kr_:what's your opinion about the proposal that I send to you? when do we should go to the next step then build the project?
(15:17:32) kr_: The proposal sounds good ... we may want to do some minor tweaks ... who is going to send it?
(15:18:32) liutao: minor tweaks?what is that mean?
(15:20:05) kr_: tweak == optimize - Just change a word here and there :)
(15:20:17) liutao: Isee
(15:20:53) liutao: I am going to send mean the proposal will be send to the or other mailing list
(15:21:03) xiuzhi: kr_: you said you were going to review the proposal and polish the draft two weeks ago, didn't you?
(15:22:24) kr_: xiuzhi: I will do so today, so that we can send the proposal to the lists (may be and project leads) tomorrow ...
(15:22:37) xiuzhi: kr_: great
(15:22:54) liutao: great
(15:23:42) xiuzhi: kr_: It is very kind of you to do that in your busy days
(15:23:58) liutao: OK next
(15:23:59) kr_: xiuzhi: you are welcome :)
(15:23:59) liutao: 2. the phototype of scp
(15:25:31) liutao: I have read the articles of SCP in the wiki page.and know that is that:)
(15:26:05) kr_: good ... I have not worked on that for a while ... did I post the links to the wiki pages ?
(15:26:22) liutao: I think I can do some help in this aspect.
(15:26:46) liutao: No.
(15:27:13) kr_: the start page is:
(15:27:43) liutao: kr_:No,I still can not find anything in FTP.have you upload somthing?
(15:27:51) kr_: this needs to be re-worked ... though you may get the idea ..
(15:28:30) kr_: I did not upload anything ... it is currently not working :(
(15:28:46) _ch_: kr: morning! after I had a look at the headless you told me last IRC meeting,
(15:29:02) _ch_: as the headless is a separated module under Optional ,
(15:29:36) kr_: _ch_: good morning! I would like to add the headless configure switch to modularization todos ...
(15:29:54) xiuzhi: kr_: your ftp or redflag2000 ftp?
(15:29:56) liutao: kr_:I mean the FTP in redflag2000
(15:30:08) _ch_: kr: may I help?
(15:30:23) _ch_: on the switch thing.
(15:30:25) _ch_: :)
(15:30:41) kr_: _ch_: Yes please, could add it to the todos?
(15:32:45) kr_: I would like to design a new scp to create products based on features ... the wiki page may give a first understanding
(15:33:30) kr_: All package building etc. has to be arranged around "make", to ensure that packages do not become build multiple times ...
(15:34:08) kr_: ... finally packages should be buildable in the modules, e.g. the writer module would deliver a writer core package
(15:34:09) xiuzhi: kr_: this ftp works : user:drop passwd: drop!20
(15:35:21) kr_: xiuzhi: I can tar together what I have ... but I doubt that it is currently helpful, as it does not work at all. The "spec" files probably make most sense, these are just a few, I will send them by e-mail :)
(15:36:26) xiuzhi: kr_: ok. I think _ch_ can continue your work if she would get your guiding and your source. (15:36:50) _ch_: kr: yes. I'd like to do that. And I need you help then. :)
(15:36:53) xiuzhi: kr_: of course, liutao can do help also
(15:37:48) kr_: OK, than let's try ... the "make" part is quite tricky, as I tried to as generic as possible, to avoid any redundancies
(15:38:25) kr_: there is a "create" missing before "as"
(15:39:47) kr_: I am back in a minute ...
(15:43:22) kr_: back again ...
(15:43:45) xiuzhi: you are busy indeed.
(15:44:16) liutao: What will be done in next step that we can help you?
(15:45:40) kr_: please have a look at the specification files, they should allow to construct a "deliverable" out of products, features, configurations etc.
(15:46:20) kr_: I will the the files per mail and will also embed them into the wiki pages ...
(15:46:29) kr_: we also need the feedback from Ingo
(15:47:25) xiuzhi: kr_: need we invite him to join this meeting ?
(15:48:11) kr_: xiuzhi: yes!
(15:48:38) xiuzhi: kr_: ok. would you like to invite him?
(15:48:53) kr_: xiuzhi: I will do so!
(15:49:52) liutao: "to construct a "deliverable" out of products, features, configurations etc."What should we do in concretely?
(15:51:06) kr_: please have a look at the files and try to understand them ... comment on them so that we see can if I missed anything and if it matches with our modularization plans
(15:52:22) liutao: where can we get this files?
(15:53:09) kr_: I will send them by e-mail and will embed them into this page:
(15:53:18) liutao: OK.
(15:53:24) kr_: if you scroll down a bit, you see older versions of these files ...
(15:54:59) liutao: I see,we should comment on them then build them and find if there are something missed or if it matches with our modularization plans.
(15:55:13) liutao: right?
(15:56:15) kr_: yes, exactly!
(15:56:38) liutao: OK
(15:56:53) liutao: 1. The WIKI page of modularization
(15:57:30) kr_: Currently packaging and everything related is centralized scp respectively instset_ooonative ... to be able split OOo and to make a "construction kit" out of it, we need to distribute the infos to where they belong
(15:58:56) kr_: the page is fine so far ... we just should add concrete todos and plans, e.g. the headless configure switch etc.
(15:59:07) xiuzhi: agree
(15:59:11) liutao: +1
(15:59:57) kr_: one such thing could be a tool helping to install all prerequisites and to configure OOo for building
(16:00:34) kr_: currently it is more or less some trial&error until one has installed everything needed and has configure everything properly ...
(16:02:46) xiuzhi: good idea
(16:03:30) xiuzhi: do you mean that we need to creat such a tool that can control the building and installation?
(16:03:39) kr_: later versions of this tool could also allow to select "features", e.g. to create a product just consisting of Writer and Calc ...
(16:03:53) kr_: xiuzhi: that is my suggestion ...
(16:04:26) xiuzhi: kr_: that is what I want
(16:04:59) xiuzhi: sound very exciting and interesting
(16:05:52) kr_: ideally the "features" would be "advertised" by the appropriate modules, the "Writer" feature by the writer module, the "Calc" feature by the calc module etc.
(16:06:40) xiuzhi: yes
(16:07:02) kr_: if every module would advertise what it offers, the "tool" could collect these infos and could offer to build "products" respectively "deliverables" out of them ...
(16:09:19) xiuzhi: yes.
(16:09:51) xiuzhi: I will think about how this tool would look like?
(16:10:12) xiuzhi: ?/.
(16:10:19) kr_: good!
(16:10:35) xiuzhi: ok. kr_: BTW. Did you finish your OOo building on ARM by QEMU. I had run the OOo30 on ARM developing board after I built it 4days.
(16:10:58) kr_: we could even add support for "extension" into the "tool" ...
(16:11:43) kr_: xiuzhi: OOo ARM build in QEMU did finish, thought currently without Java and without mozilla libraries ... we are working on this ...
(16:11:48) xiuzhi: kr_: yes. extension supporting is important
(16:13:32) xiuzhi: kr_: I built it on UBUTU linux . so I have no such issues
(16:14:16) kr_: xiuzhi: openjdk currently does not work in qemu ... did you use gcj?
(16:15:27) xiuzhi: kr_: no. I did not use qemu to build it. I try to use gcj on loongson last year, but It seemed it didnot work
(16:16:08) kr_: xiuzhi: so you used openjdk on real hardware?
(16:16:18) xiuzhi: kr_: yes
(16:16:59) xiuzhi: kr_: it is slowly ,but it works. using qemu is more difficult
(16:18:02) kr_: xiuzhi: we are currently using qemu 10.1 with some patches from here sourceforge
(16:18:30) xiuzhi: kr_: I would like to see your effort on qemu. Then we can built it faster
(16:19:17) kr_: I just searching my bookmarks for the link ...
(16:20:54) kr_:
(16:21:14) kr_: some of the patches do apply ... others don't ...
(16:21:42) kr_: as said, Java is currently the trickiest part ;)
(16:23:05) xiuzhi: I will enjoy your patches
(16:23:28) xiuzhi: and try it
(16:24:16) xiuzhi: Did you modified any OOo source?
(16:24:37) kr_: ok ... so I think we may want to add the "build helper" to modularization todos ...
(16:25:08) kr_: xiuzhi: just a minor fix in SAL, which likely gets integrated soon anyway ...
(16:25:34) xiuzhi: build helper ? good
(16:26:59) xiuzhi: kr_: OK. time up.
(16:27:11) kr_: I would like to close the meeting, my tasks are: review the proposal, send the "spec" files etc., and invite Ingo
(16:28:07) xiuzhi: and liutao and _ch_ will study your files
(16:28:13) xiuzhi: and update the wiki
(16:28:41) kr_: ok. so "see" you next week than :)
(16:28:43) xiuzhi: OK. have a nice day! see you next week
(16:28:56) kr_: bye ...
(16:28:57) _ch_: See you, then. :)
(16:29:43) liutao: bye

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