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Installation Tests

Install OpenOffice.org in both standalone and networked environments

Test 1
- Solaris Linux Windows
Test 2
- Solaris Linux Windows

File type Test

Test that OpenOffice.org can open & correctly display specified file types. Can open/execute a Java applet.

File Actions

Test that OpenOffice.org can create & save different types of files. Can send mail using an external mail program.

Insert Actions

Test that OpenOffice.org can insert specified actions into a text document.

Edit Actions

Test that OpenOffice.org edit actions function as specified with a text document. Test that cut and paste integrate with external editors and OpenOffice.org.

View Actions

Test OpenOffice.org view actions function as specified.

Format Actions

Test OpenOffice.org format actions function as specified.


OpenOffice.org tools/options function correctly.


Test OpenOffice.org prints a text document to a default printer.


Test OpenOffice.org help contents and functions.

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