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OpenOffice.org 3.3.0

This page lists the language versions released by the Native-Language teams following the official OOo release process. Following the process makes sure that a series of steps have been accomplished to guarantee quality and stability of the product. All other languages which are NOT listed in the table below, and that are available for download, have been automatically tested to make sure they can be installed without major issues.

Name Native name ISO code Comment
Asturian Asturianu ast language packs only
Basque Euskara eu
Bengali বাংলা bn
Catalan Català ca
Catalan (Valencian) Català (Valencià) ca-XV
Chinese (simplified) 简体中文 zh-CN
Chinese (traditional) 正體中文 zh-TW
Danish Dansk da
Dutch Nederlands nl
English (British) English (British) en-GB
English (US) English (US) en-US
Finnish Suomi fi
French Français fr
Galician Galego gl
German Deutsch de
Hebrew עִבְרִית he
Irish Gaeilge ga
Italian Italiano it
Japanese 日本語 ja
Korean 한국어 ko
Kurdish Kurdî ku language packs only
Polish Polski pl
Portuguese (European) Português (Europeu) pt
Russian Русский ru
Serbian (Cyrillic) Cрпски (ћирилицом) sr
Serbian (Latin) Srpski (latinicom) sh
Slovenian Slovenski jezik (slovenščina) sl
Spanish Español es
Vietnamese Tiếng Việt vi
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