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  • Bettina Haberer (IRC:bettinah)
  • Darabos Daniel (IRC: CyHawk)
  • Frank Loehmann (IRC:FrankL)
  • Kálmán Szalai (IRC: KAMI_Work)
  • Laurent Godard (IRC: lgodard)
  • Martin Damboldt (IRC: mdamboldt)
  • Stefan Taxhet (IRC: stx12)
  • Stella Schulze(IRC: sts)
  • Andrea Pescetti (IRC: pescetti)
  • Thorsten Bosbach (IRC: b_osi)
  • Volker Ahrendt (IRC: VA)

Minute Taker: MD ()

Action Items

Action Items
Item Owner Status Due Date
2008_04_10_2: What process to translate an extension itself lgodard stalled
2008_04_24: Give an overview of how to do this decoupling of translation cycles and release and find out the opinion of other stakeholders, such as release management and the l10n team SunNF-JSC stalled
2008-07-31: Propose workflow for localization of dynamic extension specific content (e.g. descriptions) TBO stalled

Comments on Action Items

  • 2008_04_10_2: Due to limited resources no time to work on this item.
  • 2008_04_24: The was a posting in August 2008 from Nils pointing to a Wiki page with a Draft about the whole item. Martin Damboldt will follow up on this to find out more details about the current status and bring this back until next meeting.
  • 2008-07-31: No progress so far due to limited resources and priority to get the Template Repository live and running.

Round Table

  • lgodard and CyHawk came up with some interesting ideas for translation of extensions. For example to create an Extension for localization of extensions within the Office itself. For details please read the IRC log you can find below. A working prototype of this extension is available.
  • va and b_osi gave some updates about items on the overall ToDo list.
  • sts mentioned that there is room for improvement on the last page of the upload process for templates. She already created a cool design proposal which you can find at http://ui.openoffice.org/VisualDesign/OOo_TemplateSite.html#feedback
  • Priority 1 is localization of the Template Repository itself. We already have English and German in place, French, Italian and Hungarian are in progress. Due to the Chinese holidays this week, the targeted process for localization in Pootle can't be started right now. b_osi is volunteering to jump in here and provide localization content of the repository "manually" now and also integrates them "manually" back into the Template Repository. You can find details at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Templates/website/translation please note that this is an interims solution only.
  • A list of all current ToDo's you can find at ToDo

IRC Details

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