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(10:02:23) stx12: good morning all
(10:02:43) ***stx12 has the fun to take minutes
(10:03:30) b_osi: Hi stefan :-)
(10:03:33) mdamboldt: Hi
(10:03:34) stx12: hm, anybody awake and joining the meeting?
(10:04:34) stx12: so we have thorsten and martin; juergen has some action items; is he going to join us?
(10:05:14) mdamboldt: stx12: Nils will join a little later today.
(10:05:14) mdamboldt: st12: jsc will join in a minute
(10:05:34) SunNF [n=nf@sd-socks-197.staroffice.de] est entré dans le salon
(10:05:36) jsc [i=chatzill@nat/sun/x-8f614ca152a06bd9] est entré dans le salon
(10:05:36) mode (+o jsc ) par ChanServ
(10:06:26) ***stx12 sends a warm welcome to the late arrivals
(10:06:48) stx12: We are ready to start?
(10:06:59) jsc: good morning
(10:07:00) jsc: I would like to suggest to move to a biweekly meeting. What do you think?
(10:07:20) SunNF: jsc: +1
(10:07:38) b_osi: +1
(10:07:53) mdamboldt: jsc: According to current items on the list it sounds reasonable.
(10:08:51) stx12: ok, we'll switch to bi-weekly and next meeting is 2007-12-06
(10:09:09) stx12: action items:
(10:09:22) stx12: 2_2007-10-04: Provide infrastructure for localization of static content
(10:09:32) stx12: b_osi: ?
(10:09:49) b_osi: is still in progress...
(10:10:18) stx12: any updates worth to be mentioned?
(10:10:43) b_osi: you may choose the 'X Test' language to see where the gaps are.
(10:11:18) stx12: OK, so the next AI is blocked on b_osi?
(10:11:20) stx12: 3_2007-10-04: Propose workflow for localization of static content
(10:11:35) stx12: jsc: ?
(10:11:47) jsc: it still depend on the previous AI ...
(10:11:49) jsc: i will be on vacation next week and the after next i will attend the FOSS:in conference in Bangalore.
(10:11:51) jsc: After that i will talk with Thorsten and will document it.
(10:12:14) stx12: fine
(10:12:15) jsc: ...the week after next ...
(10:12:24) stx12: 1_2007-11-15: Send mail to submitters who filed extension descriptions in languages other then English
(10:12:30) stx12: jsc: ?
(10:12:36) cloph_away a quitté le salon (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
(10:13:06) jsc: i haven't talked with Martin so far. I will do it this week
(10:13:16) stx12: thx
(10:13:21) stx12: round table:
(10:13:29) stx12: topics for today?
(10:13:33) mdamboldt: no
(10:13:43) b_osi: stella made soem buttons/banners :-)
(10:13:55) mdamboldt: b_osi: Where can I see them?
(10:13:58) cloph_away [n=cl@ppp-88-217-21-88.dynamic.mnet-online.de] est entré dans le salon
(10:14:10) b_osi: just amoiment...
(10:14:11) stx12: and where should they be used?
(10:14:29) b_osi: http://ui.openoffice.org/VisualDesign/OOo_Extensions_Banner.html
(10:15:03) lgodard: did someone had a look at andreas mail
(10:15:09) b_osi: they could be used hhwen you mention the site; like the link we have to OOo on the extensions site, this is for linking to extension site
(10:15:11) lgodard: regarding translation of dynamic content ?
(10:15:32) mdamboldt: b_osi: So it's to advertise the repository.
(10:15:41) b_osi: mdamboldt: yes
(10:16:37) stx12: nice! should we decide for 1 unique design or have the choice to use all of them?
(10:17:10) SunNF: we should decide for one of the white once, one of the blue once, I think.
(10:18:25) jsc: i like the no 2
(10:18:32) SunNF: I like alternative 2 and 5 of the small once
(10:18:52) mdamboldt: I've we should decide for one of each category my vote is  |2 and 5|, |4| and |4|
(10:19:29) stx12: how about placing each alternative for some days on the download page see how successful they are?
(10:20:06) stx12: at least if we don't want to exclude some just from the beginning...
(10:20:24) ***mdamboldt stx12 the measure man :) stx12: Sounds good!
(10:20:40) jsc: fine for me
(10:21:11) SunNF: stx12: and set the relation to the download page page hits? Fine!
(10:21:47) ***mdamboldt Wondering where those banners will be placed at all? Would they be free to everybody to place them where ever people like to? Those we can't measure...or?
(10:22:33) stx12: mdamboldt: right; be we can check the success by using them at our site.
(10:23:06) stx12: see also http://download.openoffice.org/2.3.0/index.html?focus=download
(10:23:24) stx12: "Promote OpenOffice.org" at the bottom
(10:23:44) mdamboldt: stx12: I see
(10:24:53) stx12: i would like to drop A3 of the large buttons: too busy; ...org in the atom confuses...
(10:26:09) stx12: hm; no opinions; then let the numbers speak :-)
(10:26:17) bettina-h [i=Bettina_@nat/sun/x-c67a44a396d87ae0] est entré dans le salon
(10:26:25) jsc: stx12: you mean that we should have a similar section like "Promote OpenOffice.org" on the repository side to promote these banners and the repository
(10:27:27) mdamboldt: stx12: agree to drop A3
(10:28:11) jsc: stx12_ +1
(10:28:12) stx12: jsc: yes, but i think we should find our (users) favorite button and banner first.
(10:28:26) stx12: i will run the test.
(10:28:34) jsc: stx12: of course ;-)
(10:28:54) stx12: any other topics?
(10:29:04) lgodard: stx12: translation of live content
(10:29:05) stx12: lgodard: you started to raise something?
(10:29:14) stx12: lgodard, yes?
(10:29:33) lgodard: can someone b_osi ? make a brief report on this
(10:29:37) lgodard: are you in the party ?
(10:30:03) b_osi: As you can see I replied to it on the list, and got no reply so far;
(10:30:10) lgodard: is there an online form planned for translating living content ?
(10:30:47) b_osi: I'm more a fan of a solution to extract the contont in a .po file.
(10:31:04) lgodard: b_osi: i do not see your answer
(10:31:08) b_osi: This was the only way l10n team would like to support it.
(10:31:29) lgodard: b_osi: yes, last meeting points
(10:31:49) lgodard: b_osi: i still think it will not be sustainable, but, ok
(10:32:24) stx12: so we will stick to the decision the l10n team made
(10:32:27) stx12: anything else?
(10:32:41) lgodard: stx12: it is not incompatible
(10:32:54) lgodard: the ext website could be a front end to generate po files
(10:33:18) lgodard: as a lot od fpotential translators do even not know what a po file is
(10:33:42) b_osi: lgodard: ok, my mail didn't made it to the list - I will repost :-(
(10:33:55) lgodard: i just wanted to point andreas mail and have a follow up on this
(10:34:00) lgodard: b_osi: ah, ok
(10:34:02) jsc: lgodard: it can evolve and we can extend, change or adapt the workflow. but we should try to reuse the existing i18n process
(10:34:23) lgodard: jsc: instead of reuse, i would say feed it
(10:34:54) stx12: lgodard: good, and b_osi took the task to answer the mail.
(10:35:07) lgodard: stx12: ok
(10:35:20) stx12: other topics for today?
(10:36:24) stx12: then let's close the meeting; have a nice day; next meeting 2007-12-06...
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