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You can start OOo automatically by double-clicking the filename of an OOo document in a file manager such as Windows Explorer. The appropriate component of OOo will start and the document will be loaded.

For Windows users

File associations are used to open certain types of files automatically with When installing OOo, you could choose to associate Microsoft Office file types with OOo. If you chose to do this, then when you double-click on a .doc (Word) file, it opens in Writer; a .xls (Excel) file opens in Calc, and a .ppt (Powerpoint) file opens in Impress.

If you did not associate the file types, then when you double-click on a Microsoft Word document, it opens in Microsoft Word (if Word is installed on your computer), Excel files open in Excel, and Powerpoint files open in Powerpoint.

You can use another method to open .doc files in OOo and save in the .doc format from OOo. See Chapter 3 (File Management in for more information.

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