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Using the system menu

Using the system menu is the most common way to launch The system menu is the standard menu from which most applications are started. On Windows, it is called the Start menu. On GNOME, it is called the Applications menu. On KDE it is identified by the KDE logo. On Mac OS X, it is the Applications menu.

When was installed, a menu entry was added to your system menu. The exact name and location of this menu entry depends on the graphical user interface. This chapter looks at Windows, GNOME and KDE on Linux, and Mac OS X. The concepts should easily be applicable to another operating system.


On Windows, the menu is located in Programs > 2.x, where “2.x" corresponds to the version number of The figure below shows a typical setup on Windows XP. Select Writer to start Writer with a blank document.

Starting Writer from the Windows XP Start menu.


GNOME installations differ from one distribution to the next. Most modern distributions come with already installed. You will find under Applications > Office.

Starting Writer from the GNOME Applications menu.

Fedora/Red Hat Enterprise Linux comes with installed. On the GNOME desktop, OOo can be found under Main Menu > Office. If you have installed a newer version of OOo, you will find it under Main Menu > Office > More Office Applications.

If OOo was downloaded from the website, OOo is under Applications > Other.


On KDE, is installed in its own menu, called “Office".

Starting OOo from KDE start menu.

Some Linux distributions install in the Office submenu. Mandrake is such a distribution. In this case, to launch Math (for example), choose Office > Word processors > Math.

Starting OOo from Mandrake's KDE menu.

Mac OS X

Go to the folder where you installed You should see its icon in the Applications folder. To start, double-click its icon. This opens a text document in Writer.

Starting from the Mac Applications folder.

To open the other components (Draw, Calc, Impress, Base), go to the File menu of the Writer window and select the component you want.

Opening different OOo components on the Mac.

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