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Labels are commonly used for printing address lists (where each label shows a different address), but they can also be used for making multiple copies of one label only, for example return-address stickers.

To print labels:

  1. Choose File > New > Labels on the menu bar. The Labels dialog box opens.
  2. On the Labels page, fill in your own label text in the Inscription box, or use the Database and Table drop-down lists to choose the required information, as described in Chapter 11 (Using Mail Merge).
  3. Labels dialog box, Labels page.
  4. Select the label stock in the Brand drop-down list. The types for that brand then appear in the Type drop-down list. Select the size and type of labels required. You can also select User in the Type drop-down list and then make specific selections on the Format page).
  5. Labels dialog box, Format page.
  6. On the Format page, choose the pitch, sizes, margins, columns and rows for user-defined labels, or just verify with a brand of label stock you have loaded into the printer.
  7. Click Save to save your new format.
  8. On the Options page, choose to print the entire page of labels or one single label, then select which one by the column and row. You can also change printer setup.
  9. Labels dialog box, Options page.
  10. When you have finished formatting, click New Document to make your sheet of labels or click Cancel (or press the Esc key). You can also click Reset to remove your changes and return to the original settings when the dialog box opened.
  11. You can print right away using the Print File Directly icon on the toolbar or by choosing File > Print from the menu bar, or you can save the file to print later.

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