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You can print a document with two pages on each side of a sheet of paper, arranged so that when the printed pages are folded in half, the pages are in the correct order to form a booklet or brochure.

To print a brochure on a single-sided printer:

  1. Plan your document so it will look good when printed half size (choose appropriate margins, font sizes, and so on). Click File > Print. In the Print dialog box, click Properties and be sure the printer is set to the same orientation (portrait or landscape) as specified in the page setup for your document. (Usually the orientation does not matter, but it does for brochures.)
  2. Click Options. In the Pages section of the Printer Options dialog box, choose Brochure and Right pages. Click OK twice to print the first side of each page.
  3. Flip the pages and put them back into the printer, in the correct orientation to print on the blank side. You may need to experiment a bit to find out what the correct arrangement is for your printer.
  4. Click File > Print and check Properties to make sure the printer setup is still correct.
  5. Click Options again. In the Pages section of the Printer Options dialog box, choose Brochure and Left page. Click OK twice to print the second sides.
  6. If your printer can print double-sided, then click on the checkboxes for Left pages, Right pages, and Brochure, and it should not only do those but collate too.
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