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Formatting the bibliography involves choices made in two places:

To create the bibliography:

  1. Place the cursor at the point where you wish to insert the bibliography.
  2. Select Insert > Indexes and tables > Indexes and tables and change the Type to Bibliography, to see a dialog box similar to that shown below.
Inserting a bibliography.

The Insert Index/Table dialog box has five pages.

Index/Table page

The basic settings are selected on this page.

  1. To give the bibliography a title, enter it in the Title field. (A title is not required.)
  2. You can protect the bibliography from being changed accidentally, by checking Protected against manual changes. If this option is selected, the bibliography can only be changed using the right-click menu or the Insert Table/Index dialog. If the option is not selected, the bibliography can be changed directly on the document page, just like other text, but any manual changes will be lost when you update the bibliography.
  3. To have the bibliographic entries numbered within the body of the document (for example, [1], [2], ...), select Number entries. If, however, you wish to have the field Identifier (from the database) appear in the document, deselect this option.
  4. Select the type of brackets that you want for the referenced entries shown within the body of the document.
  5. Define the sorting you require. Currently only alphanumeric sorting is supported. Sorting by the sequence that entries appear in the text is done on the Entries page.

Entries page

The structure of this page is similar to that for tables of contents and indexes.

Entries page for bibliographies.

You can define how the entry will appear based on the Type of the entry, or simply apply the same format to all entries by selecting the All button.

The Structure of the entry is based on the fields available in the bibliographic database. The ones shown by default are:

  • Au – Author
  • Ti – Title
  • Ye - Year

To determine how entries are sorted, modify the Sort by options. To sort by the sequence that entries appear in the text, choose Document position. To sort alphanumerically, choose Content. Use Sort keys to group similar references.

Using the Styles, Columns and Background pages

Refer to Using the Styles, Columns, and Background pages.

Generating the bibliography

To generate the bibliography so that it appears in your document, click OK. The Insert Index/Table dialog box closes and the bibliography appears in your document.

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