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The Gallery contains objects (graphics and sounds) that you can insert into your documents. The Gallery is available in all components of

To open the Gallery, choose Tools > Gallery, or click the Gallery icon GalleryIcon3.png. If the Gallery is open, these choices close it.

Graphics in the Gallery are grouped by themes, such as Bullets, Rulers, and Backgrounds. You can create other groups or themes.

The box on the left of the gallery window lists the available themes. Click on a theme to see its graphics displayed in the Gallery window.

You can display the Gallery in Icon View or Detailed View, and you can hide or show the Gallery by clicking on the Hide button (similar to the Hide button for the Navigator and the Styles and Formatting window when they are docked).

Icon view of one theme in the Gallery

By default, the Gallery is docked above the workspace. To expand the Gallery, position the pointer over the line that divides it from the top of the workspace. When the pointer changes to parallel lines with arrows, click and drag downward. The workspace resizes in response.

As for other docked windows, you can “float” the Gallery by moving the mouse pointer over an edge of the Gallery window, holding down the Control key, and double-clicking. Repeat this procedure to dock the Gallery again.

Inserting images into a document

You can copy or link an object from the Gallery into a document.

To insert an object:

  1. Choose Tools > Gallery or click the Gallery icon on the Standard toolbar.
  2. Select a theme.
  3. Select an object with a single click.
  4. Drag and drop the image into the document. You also can right-click on the object to open the context menu and select Insert > Copy.
Copying a graphic object from the Gallery into a document

To insert an object as a link:

  1. Choose Tools > Gallery and select a theme.
  2. Select an object with a single click, then while pressing the Shift and Control keys, drag and drop the object into the document.

Inserting an object as a background

To insert an object as the background to a page or paragraph:

  1. Choose Tools > Gallery and select a theme.
  2. Select an object with a single click, right-click on the object, and choose Insert > Background > Page or Paragraph.

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